George Osborn 1870-1939

1867 Percival Osborn (1842-1905) goes to Japan, hired by Kanazawa Han to teach English

1870 George Osborn born in Japan to Percival and Seto (nee Ogawa)

1877 Agnes Osborn born in Yokohama to Seto and Percival

1885 George Osborn starts work for the Yokohama branch of a Paris credit bank

1888 George Osborn starts to work for British company, Cornes Trading Company

1889 The Osborns return to Britain

1891 Percival Osborn (retired Japanese Civil Servant) and George (clerk) are living at 25 Abbey Road, London.

1897 George starts working for Okura Gumi in London.

1901 George, his father, mother and sister are living at 25 Abbey Road, London

1912 George is promoted to General Manager of Okura Gumi office.

1917 George marries

1920 George’s wife dies in childbirth

1935 George retires

1939 George dies, aged 69