The Mitsutas 1886 – 1912

Trio led by Takajiro Mitsuda, born 1849 with Dick (b 1870) and King Mitsuda (b 1871), his “sons”.

1884 Probably in USA – Mitsuta and his boys, tub act. Metsta Hake Yero with Rictaro and Kintaro.

1886 July – Tikitiro Mitsuta toupe of Japanese at Royal Cambridge Music Hall London. Risley act, trio.

“But perhaps the extraordinary feats of a trio of Japanese, known as the Tikigiro Mitsuta troupe, caused the greatest excitement of the evening. The principal performer of these does some of the most remarkable things with his feet that we ever remember to have seen. He twists a tub of large circumference, said to weigh 316 pounds, with the most consummate ease, and successfully balances it while his two companions- one inside, and one on top -perform acrobatic and contortionist feats. But the pedal balancer had another surprise in store. He concluded his marvellous exhibition of skill and nerve by gradually raising, by means of the feet, one of his young companions on a number of small oblong tubs, placed crosswise. When the youth had assumed a head-downwards position the tubs were kicked away, and he found a secure resting place on the feet of the intrepid tub-wielder. A more astonishing tour de force in the way of a tub performance would seem to be impossible; but this word has long since been expunged from the vocabulary of acrobats and jugglers.” The Era

1886 July – Japanese Village Fair and the Great Mitsuta Troupe “who have just created a great sensation in London. Already the talk of Edinburgh. Visitors to Edinburgh should certainly not miss this. The whole under the direction of Mr S Suzucki” (The Era)

1886 August – “Suzucki’s Japanese Village, Victoria Halls, West Regent Street – the Greatest Japanese troupe in the world, the 3 Mitsutas.” Japanese artists, bamboo workes, pincushion makers at work” in Glasgow.

1886 November – at the Royal, Holborn, London, Japan jugglers

1887 February – The Mitsutas advertise themselves “the sensation of Portsmouth” and as requiring a good agent. T., D. and K. Mitsuta.

1887 April – May – at the Olympia, London, then London Pavilion

1888 March – in Germany

1888 December – in Manchester

1889 January – May – Newcastle, Birmingham, Chatham, Royal Aquarium London.

1889 June – Brighton – two Japanese artistes

1889 July – London Trocadero, back to being three Japanese artistes

1889 August – Crystal Palace

1889 December – Birmingham with Hamilton’s Excursions

1890 – 1900 Continuing touring Britain sometimes “the Brothers Mitsuta”

1891 April census – Takagira Metsuda (boarder, 42, married, acrobat), Dick Metsuda (21, single, acrobat, son), King Metsuda (20, single, acrobat, son) – Rectory Road, Burnley.

The Era, 5 December 1896

1894 Mitsutas (Imperial Japanese Artists)

~1897 may have been joined by Kumataro Murakami and his two daughters and son.

1898 March – April – Mr T Mitsuta’s combination company – Kagami Sentaro juggler, Mizuhara Gintaro top spinner. Great Grimsby, Gainsborough

1898 July – Mitsuta Imperial Japanese Variety Company at Earls Court – 6 native artistes

1898 – girl used in the tub balancing act. Also climbs a sword ladder. Tour Hungary.

1899 Empire Theatre, Barrow in Furness “the Mitsutas, troupe of Japanese jugglers; Kagami Lentari (Sentaro?), Miss Pattie Transfield, Chiyokichi, Mdlle. Omato and Takijiro, Funny Paddy and Silent Murphy, Two Agousts, P. J. Durney, Misery, G. Mitzuhara, Mdlle. Tamamoto, Yesokichi, and T. Mitsuta.”

The Era 11 August 1900

1901 March 31 Mitsuta Comatro aged 38 taken into University College Hospital from an internal haemorrhage from overstraining.

1901 April census Tatoize Mitsala, boarder, single, 54, professional acrobat and Coomie Shinto aged 9, born in London, in Seaford Road, Tottenham

1901 April census Therese Mitsuta (nee Laubach, married Murakami Kumataro) living in Lambeth with Kumataro’s children Louisa, Maud and Kuma.

1903 The Two Mitsutas – Greatest of all feet equilibrists – new importation

1904 The Two Mitsutas “direct from Tokyo”

1904 ex agent of Mitsutas arrested, five years after stealing £10 from them

1904-1906 Two Mitsutas (feet equilibrists) and Takergero and Commie (ladder act).

1908 The Marvellous Mitsutas “just returned from South America”

1912 Two Mitsutas, Chiswick Empire