1862 October – Great Original Chinese and Japanese Entertainment from Drury Lane Theatre perform at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton – jugglery, gun trick, swordsmanship, swinging bowls of water, knife throwing. (Later described as Chinese only at other venues)

1867 July – Matsui Gensui‘s troupe – Gainsi The Top Spinner to the Tycoon, Kotaki, Kamaikichi and little Tarkichi the wonder Acrobatic Gymnasts, Asakichi Creator of Butterflies, Kosakichi in his astounding performance, at the Theatre Royal, Brighton.

1869 May – Great Dragon Troupe (mostly Baldwin & Gilbert group) at the Brighton Concert Hall, Crystal Palace, London. Fudekichi not mentioned in the billings.

1871 October – the Grand Concert Hall, West Street. The Great Dragon and Tycoon Japanese Troupe—fourteen male and female performers from Teddo—give their remarkable feats of dexterity and strength

1872 July – Great Siamese Dragon Troupe from the Crystal Palace – at the Grand Concert Hall, Brighton, including Eso Kitchee, Ochoby, Gen Oska/Genosky, O Lee Mach, Taro Kitchee and Taro Moska Ochoby – also at Crystal Palace – as Siamese Juvenile Troupe. Wonderful act by Tara Nosky over the lake. Ochoby is probably the Japanese word “ochibi” meaning “little one.”

THE GREAT SIAMESE DRAGON TROUPE – THE GRAND CONCERT HALL. “Cool as a cucumber,”—-notwithstanding we were surrounded by a very large audience,—we sat out on Monday the performances of the Royal Tycoon troupe a the above noble hall. We were almost disinclined to attend, —the intense heat in amusement houses is unbearable, and now, in one of the queen months of year, when sea and land are lovely to look upon, it is a sin against one’s self, —in fact, flesh and blood won’s stand it. But rumour, with its trumpet tongue, had preceded these Japanese—they are pronounced the first artists of the world,” —it was their first appearance away from the Crystal Palace, they made their debut, and thus our curiosity was tempted to forsake the promenade in their favour. We do not regret it. It was a night of wonders. There are ten items of enjoyment, and each surpass anything we have previously witnessed, —though many resemble the feats of the Japanese troupe in Brighton some months since. The dancing tub act by O. Lee Mach is a finished feat,—” the obedient wash-tub plays such strange freaks that the audience ought not be surprised to find it flying over their heads,—were it not dexterously controlled; Genosky and “the boy wonder” is another startling scene, —in their bamboo act they venture the marvellous therewith to its acme, and yet evoke, no fear; Taro Kitchee in his Pyramid act, is exceeding clever,—he has also an elasticity of limbs that somewhat upsets notions of physiology. The ladder act of O. Lee Mach and Ockoby, almost takes your breath away, —from its sensational nature: poised in mid-air, upon the top round of a ladder, a tiny boy,—such a morsel of humanity, but with unshaken nerve—executes wonders. Pliant of limb, skilful and graceful of movement, knowing no fear, yet he creates such in the spectators—he does marvels with avlaughing face, and when all is over the audience shower applause upon him and his brother artist.


Eso Kitchee opened the second part with his great juggling set. Well, juggling began with Adam—legerdemain takes so many shapes,—from sword-swallowing to “take a card”—such immeasurable space lies between, that it is quite a treat to meet with something new; Eso has it, also the finesse of his art.  O Lee Mach and Ockoby followed with the marvellous, —in their tub performance. There’s more fun than fear about it, the gyrations of the tub and its living occupant are very ludicrous, —the balancing is the most wonderful part of the performance. […] The pedal balancing act of Genosky and the children of Siam is very clever, but the crowning performance is reserved for a finale, “an extraordinary ascension act” it needs no further comment.

Mr Hughes is the proprietor.

Brighton Gazette Thursday 4 July 1872 p 5

1872 September – October – Tannaker‘s Great Dragon Troupe, 12 in number, at Concert Hall, West Street. Last appearance in Brighton as will return to Japan in May. Tommy the Wolf, Little All Right, Otakesan, Yasso, Horrosan, Otorryanse, Godia, Torrakitchie, Otanny, Tannaker, Bungrosan.

1873 September – Tannaker‘s Japanese Troupe with Little All Right and Tommy the Wolf at the Concert Hall.

1876 Fudekichi and Julia move to Brighton and Fudekichi becomes a verger at St Bartholemew’s Church.

1879 March – Tannaker’s New Troupe of Japanese at Ginnett’s Circus Building.

1880 Fudekichi and Julia’s daughter Isabella Mary is born in Brighton and baptised at St Bartholomew’s Church.

1881 – April – census – John K Fudiekitche (41), church verger, Julia E (30) charwoman out of employ, Isabella (1) and Franklin D (11) living at Francis Street, Brighton.

1881 – October – Fudekichi and Julia’s daughter Henrietta Rose is born in Brighton.

1883 August – Henrietta Rose Fudekichi dies in Brighton

1884 November – Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe in Brighton

1889 June – Brighton – The Mitsutas – two Japanese artistes

1890 April – Torikata Troupe at the Alhambra.

1891 April – census – John K Fudekichi (56), Church Verger, Julia E 40, John F.D. Knight stepson, 21, machinist, Isabella, 11 and Isabella Sarah aged 10, Julia’s sister Sarah’s daughter. Sarah had died in 1890. At 30 Francis Street Brighton.

1892 August – John Sanger’s Circus in Hove, with Tarro-san.

1893 Krosko Bale troupe of Japanese jugglers (not actually Japanese)

1897 Isabella Mary Fudekichi marries aged 17, Percival Valentine Lomas, a 25 year old insurance clerk at St Bartholomew’s Church, Brighton. They move to Lower Kennington Lane in Lambeth.

1900 – Fudekichi retires. Continues to work at home making objects from paper

1901 December – Isabella appears under the name of Nellie Valentine as Sir Koker Nutte Kandy in Dick Whittington and his Cat at the Brighton Aquarium. Sings The Honeysuckle and the Bee and dances.

1902 Nishihama-Matsui Troupe at the Hippodrome

1902 February – Isabella at the Brighton Aquarium as “a winsome Daisy Maitland” in The Arabian Nights.

1902 autumn – Julia E dies of uterine cancer aged 51, in Brighton. Isabella’s name is on the death certificate.

1903 February – Lukushima Troupe – top spinners, tumblers and juggler in Brighton

1904 April – Royal Tokio Troupe of Japanese jugglers – Hippodrome

1904 August – Yamamoto and Koyoshi at the Hippodrome

1905 April – Jujitsu demonstration from Tarro Miyaki at the Hippodrome

1905 November – Royal Tokio Troupe at the Hippodrome

1907 January – Fudekichi dies in Brighton, aged 76.

1908 September – Royal Tokio Troupe at the Alhambra