Jackitschy Troupe 1876 – 1883

1876 April – May First appearance in England at Alexandra Palace – extraordinary feats of juggling. The Jackitschy Imperial Troupe/The Great Jackitschy Troupe

1876 summer – tour Britain – 12 in number, male and female. Balancing of a triple ladder on feet. Little All Right. Mothokischy (8), Juruschy Kingho, Itschko (2 youths aged 12 respectively)

1877 August – Great Jackitschy Troupe now appearing in Jersey City, America.

1877 September – Great Jackitschy Troupe now performing in Washington

1877 November – Jackitschy Troupe now appearing in the States – advertisement in The Era, J Hardman, agent for Tannaker’s Japanese

1878 continues to tour America

Inter Ocean, Chicago 1878

1879 manager of Jackitschy troupe arrested in USA for Little All Right being under age as a performer. Was let off as prosecution failed to establish Little All Right was under 16.

1883 Tannaker’s Great Jackitschy in Jedburgh, Scotland