1900 January – Okabe family of “Japanese wonders” arrive in Britain

1900 December – The Fukushima Troupe appear at the Alhambra, London

1901 February – Lukushima Troupe in Britain

1901 March – Nishihama- Matzui Troupe appear in London

1901 April census – Thomas Condo and his children Coma Condo and Una Condo staying at a boarding house in Sunderland. Mitsukichi Ando and his wife and children staying in Leeds. Usaburo Nishihama his wife son and Sukeguro Matsui and Jonosuke Aoyama boarding in in London.

1902 April – Chiyokichis Wonders at the Royal Aquarium

1902 – Anglo-Japanese Alliance signed

1903 March – Kiyoshi Hata of Okabe troupe dies of meningitis in Norwich.

1903-6 Okura‘s son Kishichiro studies at Cambridge University, races at Brooklands

1903 November – Arsakusa Troupe arrive in Britain

1904 – February – start of the Russo-Japanese War over Manchuria and Korea.

1904 August – Ten Ichi and Ten Kotsu appear in London

1905 – September – end of the Russo-Japanese War, Japan forcing Russia to abandon expansionist policies in East Asia.

1905 October – Riogoku Troupe arrive in Britain

1905 – The Japanese–British alliance was renewed and expanded. Official diplomatic relations were upgraded, with ambassadors being exchanged for the first time.

1908 – Japan-British Society founded in Japan