Tamamoto Chiyokichi/Motokichi

1856/7 born in Tokyo, father also Tamamoto Chiyokichi, a gymnast

1867 Che-o-kitchie boy climber and tight rope walker aged about 10 in the Great Dragon Troupe recruited by Lenton & Smith, touring Australia. Performs tub acts with Bungero, ladder and bamboo climbing acts with Sagero and Gengero.

1868 May – “Che-O-Kitchee, the Boy-wonder as he is very correctly termed in the programme, again performed on the slack rope. His feats are truly wonderful, and for a boy so young surpasses anything before witnessed in this part of the world. This boy certainly reflects the greatest credit upon his teacher, Cuts- Who-Gero, and from what we have seen of his abilities, have no doubt, that in time he will prove himself as efficient on the slack rope as Cuts-Who- Gero herself.” Tasmanian Times

1870 July – may be Genji (b 1857), son of Naminosuke in passport records for Thomas King’s Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe touring Britain. Chiyokichi later states that he came over to Britain with his father. Naminosuke was a rope walker too.

1871 January – Chiyokichi may be Kin Ta, one of the five contortionist boys along with Hasa in Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe.

1871 August – may have been one of three boy tumblers in Royal Yedo troupe in California with Professor Gangero

1876 June – Brothers Moto and Assa, Gingero and Como Ketchy perform at the Crystal palace. Moto and Assa brought to Europe from Japan expressly for Mr Myers. Contortionists.

1876 November – Great Original Tycoon Japanese Troupe – Moto Ketchie, As Sa Ma Ki

1879 January – July – Chiyokichi later claimed he fought for the British in the Zulu War

1881 April – census – Motokichi aged 24 living with Gingero and his wife Annie and their two children, and Asakichi in Newcastle

1884 December – Motto Kitchee and Young Japino in Glasgow. “Original Tycoon Japanese Rope and Wire Walkers”

1885 Puts advertisement in The Era in own name Motto Kitchee Japanese Rope Walker and marvellous acrobat

1885 October – Motto Kitchee solo “Japanese acrobat” in Manchester

1885 December – Motto Kitchee the original Tycoon Japanese Rope and Wire Walker in Leicester, at Ginnett’s Circus

1886 June – part of Japanese village in Edinburgh , then tour of Britain through 1887

1886 July – a good agent wanted

1888 – both solo and part of Royal Tycoon Japan Brothers – Motto Kitchee, Assa Kitchi and Itch Kitchee “in their wondrous Entertainment consisting of High Rope Walking, Sensational Swinging Bamboo and great Japanese Tumbling”

1888 February – (probably) performing at Tannaker’s Japanese Village in Cheltenham

1888 April 15th – marries Elizabeth Amelia Booker at Holy Tinity Church, Brompton in London. Tamamotto Chiyokichi, aged 32, occupation gymnast. Father Tamamotto Chiyokichi, gymnast. Elizabeth 12 days short of her 17th birthday, living at 14 Yeoman’s Row, London. Daughter of Jasper Booker a dairyman and Sarah.

1888 April-November – at Circus Born in Hungary as The Kitchee Brothers Royal Tycoon Japanese…rope walkers, bamboo performers and tumblers. Moto Ritchie on tight rope.

1889 January – Kitchee Brothers at Nouveau Circus in Paris

1889 March – son Patrick Tamamotto Chiyokichi born in Plymouth

1889 April – Motto Kitchee Trio agent is Wilders

1889 summer – Kitchee Brothers (three) at various festivals, galas and fetes as “The Japanese Tycoon Wonders, Real Japanese in Native Costume”

1889 July – Tamamoto Chiyokechie tight rope walker with Tannaker’s Great Dragon Troupe at the Alexandra Palace London.

1889 October – Gravesend with Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe

1890 February – Brothers Kitchee at Fossett’s Circus York with the rest of the Tycoon Troupe. Kitchee on the high rope.

1890 March – Motto Kitchee Royal Tycoon Japanese, Leeds, agent George Aytoun.

1890 August 29 – daughter born in New York

1891 February – April – Motto Kitchee rope walker and tumbler, Bolton, Leeds, Preston

1891 March – Motto Kitchee and daughter (wife Elizabeth?), Royal Tycoon Japanese, Oldham

1892 February – Mr and Mrs T Chiyokichi return from USA

1892 March – The Great Tarmamotto Chiyokichis have arrived – advertisment in The Era – male and female sword walkers, slanting rope sliders, bamboo manipulators

1893 May – daughter Florence May born

1893 August – Chiyokichi Troupe of Japanese (Three in Number) Northampton

1894 February – interviewed in Pearson’s Weekly on how to walk on swords

1896 September – in Ireland, agent is Johnson

1896 November – two Chiyokichis, Portsmouth

1897 – Royal Aquarium Chiyokichi Japanese with his wife and toupe of jugglers, sword walkers

1898-1899 Chiyokichis native Japanese performers, two male and one female. Possibly Asakichi is other male? Mdlle Chiyokichi treads on sharp swords.

1899-1900 a Yesokichi, rope walker, appears in Sheffield, Barrow in Furness, Portsmouth with Mdlle Tamamoto and Kiyokichi/Chiyokichi

1900 December – Pair of smart Japs at Royal Aquarium

1902 April – Chiyokichis Wonders at Royal Aquarium

1904 April – Chiyokichis at Wembley Park

1905 C Tamamoto rope climbing. Acting as own agent, at 75 Churchfield Road, Acton, London

1906 one of founding members of the Variety Artistes Federation

1907 performing slide for life at Hengler’s Circus in London during time of VAF strike

1911 April – census at boarding house in Harrogate with wife, aged 55, Elizabeth 40, “music hall artiste”

1919 December – Tamamoto at Maskelyne’s Theatre of Mystery

1920 Varieties by Tamamoto, Japanese Rope Performer, Portsmouth

1921 C. Tamamoto the Famous Japanese and Lady Assistant from the Royal Albert Halls, Crystal Palace, London. The Greatest Perpendicular Rope Performer in the World

1921 April – census – Chiyokichi Tamamoto living in Penge

1922 Tamamoto Japanese Act, Stirlingshire, Plymouth, Newcastle – C Tamamoto and Assistant, Sensational Japanese Wire Walking and Rope Climbing

1925 September 29th – Chiyokichi dies at the age of 68. Obituary in The Stage in the form of an interview.