Banzai Troupe 1907 – 1913

1907 April – The Great Banzai Troupe of Japanese Equilibrists Direct from Japan, Porth

1907 May – The Royal Banzai family give a wonderful performance of jugglery, contortionist, and equilihristic feats, with which patrons hare been made more or less familiar, a notable feat being the Kiotolike exploit of diminutive member the troupe.

1907 June – Banzai Troupe including Togo

1908 December – Japanese quintette of balancers

1909 December – 6 in number of jugglers, contortionists, and equilibrists do some marvellous work. Poised on the top of a column of blocks of wood built up in full view of the audience, one of the troupe goes through various contortions. Colston Hall, Bristol

1910 June …Banzai Troupe of genuine Japanese artistes in their clever and sensational performance. Apart altogether from the exceptional brilliance of this item the scenery is of the most gorgeous describable. The. main feature is a series of acrobatic feats which are exceedingly original and not to be compared in the least with those of ordinary type. The item includes musical interludes which are most refreshing. To see these Japs is the sight of a lifetime. St Helens Examiner

1910 December – Banzai Family acknowledged to be the Greatest Japanese Act. Hyde

1913 January – Royal Banzai Family of Japanese jugglers and gymnasts