The Mizuno Troupe 1913-1932

Led by Nobukichi Mizuno, 9 performers. later 7, then a trio. Feet equilibrists, including children.

1913 August – Nobukichi Mizuno summonsed to Swindon Borough Police Court for causing Kimbei Shimanuki to perform for profit without a licence, aged 11. A child who is over 11 may appear without a licence before 9pm.

1913 September – 9 acrobats in Japanese costume. “the national effect is sustained in all accessories. The little Japs are extremely clever and amusing in their quaint way. while their elders perform astonishing tricks with astounding dexterity.” Leamington Spa

1914-5 Mizuno Troupe of Japanese Entertainers

1916-1917 Mizuno Troupe seven in number

1918 The Mizuno Troupe – Japanese with Western ideas.

1919-1922 A few appearances in Britain

1922 March – October The Royal Mizuno (Family) Troupe of Japanese Acrobats/Wonders – refined and highly finished Artistes. The favourite entertainers of the late Emperor of Japan. Burnley

Appearances in Britain through to 1929, particularly 1925 and 1927, often with Broncho Bill’s Circus.

1930 Carl Mizuno, married man with 3 children, Japanese acrobat of Hulme, Manchester, had an affiliation order (claim for child support) against him by a chorus girl Ida van Dix. Resulted in an order against him for 10s 6d until the child was 14.

1931 Mizuno Trio

1939 Chokichi Mizuno “A Japanese juggler” of Hulme, Manchester fined for speeding.

1940 Family travelled to USA – Chokichi, his wife Toku, son Masakazu and daughter Hanako.