Therese Laubach

1858 January 11th born in Mecklenburg-Schwerin to Heinrich Laubach, a salesman, and Wilhelmine

1892 February – marries Kumataro Murakami, bachelor, 29 year old gymnast, at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth church. Address given as 124 Stamford Street.

1892 December – Kumataro Murakani, Therese Laubach, Louise Murakani, Maud Murakani registered as living in Amsterdam. Kumataro is a shopkeeper

1895 February – Kumakichi’s children’s surnames changed to Murakami on their registrations of birth

1896 January – last registration of Kumataro and his family as living in Amsterdam.

1901 April – census – is recorded as Therese Mitsuta, 39 year old music hall artist, born in Germany living at 32 Coin Street with Louisa Mitsuta, daughter, 16 year old music hall artist born in Japan, Maud, 13 year old music hall artist born in Japan and son Kuma, 11 year old music hall artist, born in Japan. Actually these were Louisa, Maud and Kuma Murakami who were all born in the UK.

Takajiro Mitsuta (b 1849) was the leader of the Mitsuta Troupe of Japanese acrobats – with two younger males, possibly his sons, Dick (b 1870) and King (b 1871). The troupe had been in Britain since 1886. In 1900 the act had Takajiro, King and “2 Japanese Mdlles”. Could be Louisa and Maud. In 1901 he was boarding in Tottenham with 9 year old Coomie Shinto.

1904 – Frederick Kuma Murakami admitted to school in Pimlico

1906 Frederick Kuma discharged from school.

1907 December – Kumakichi and Hannah’s second daughter Omoyo Maude marries Francis William Long. They had been demonstrating Jujitsu together. Kuma Tarro Murakami is recorded as a music hall artist, living.

1911 April – census – is recorded as Theresa Murakami, 48 year old widow, who has been married for 24 years and has 3 children. Living at 49 Moreton Place, Pimlico with Kumataro Frederick Murakami her son aged 20, single, a clerk in a motor firm, born in Plaistow and Omoto Sarah Ellen Gingero, her niece, (daughter of John Gingero), single, waitress in a restaurant, born in Birmingham.

1913 is renting a room at 17 Frederick Crescent to her son, Frederick

1914 Frederick living at 5 Frederick Crescent, through to 1936, renting from Therese

1920 Mrs Murakami at 5 Frederick Crescent, London SW9

1922 July – Theresa Murakami discharged from Lambeth workhouse

1925 Mrs Murakami at 5 Frederick Crescent, London SW9

1936 Therese dies at the age of 78