The Esa Trio 1910 – 1921

Probably Eisaburo Hirukawa, his wife Catherine and Charles Douthwaite

1910 January – Kioto and Esa, Japanese equilibrists – through to September 1911

1911 April census – Eisaburo Hirukawa age 36, and his wife Catherine, 29, Seijiro Matsugawa 47 and his wife Nobu, 36 and NC Kioto (Naojiro Takeda), single, 25 in Everton, Lancashire. Professional Variety.

1915 May – The Esa Trio disport themselves as Japanese acrobats – Liverpool

1915 October – Three remarkably clever Japanese artistes, with exceptional skill in balancing; one of them performs daring slide on a rope

1916 The outstanding feature of a very successful entertainment last week was a really remarkable performance by the Esa Trio. Wonderful people, those little Japs. Enterprising in business, they are already giving our manufacturers serious cause for thought as to what may happen keen competition that may be expected after the war; and they are as enterprising and original in their performances on the stage. Their native tricks, and skilful feats have an interest and novelty quite their own, and some of the things the Esa Trio did on the stage, at the Palace last week almost took away one’s breath. Among them was a wonderful feat of balancing three ladders on one foot, with a little Jap, calmly juggling with balls as he stood on the topmost ladder with his head almost touching the “flies.” But their most sensational performance was the “slide for life.” Walking without any support but the inevitable Japanese umbrella for balance, out over the auditorium and almost up to the ceiling at the back of the circle, one of the trio did a great upright slide backwards on to the stage, where he was caught by his two companions. It was a great feat ; and it was not surprising that everybody was talking about it during the week (Luton Reporter, 16 October 1916)

1917 July Esa Trio of Japanese, whose acts, singly and in combination, are both graceful and daring (Liverpool)

1918 With Maskelyne’s Magic in London.

1921 April – census – Catherine Hirukawa Esa b 1884 in Liverpool, married, and Isaberia Esa b 1875 Tokyo Japan, married and Charles Houghwaite (probably Charles Douthwaite), b 1904 Middleton, Lancashire – all music hall artistes.

Last performance in Britain December 1921