Royal Tycoon Troupe (Tannaker) 1868-1872

1868 December – arrived in Britain from Australia. 6 people – Tannaker Buhicrosan, Tanaka Tsurukichi, Tanaka Hikonosuke, Otake, Mitsuko, Otomi. Butterfly trick, top spinning, fire flying, archery, Yeddo fly wheel, brick balancing, egg spinning, music, dancing, singing.

1870 May Cowsakichiero joined troupe as a fire eater.

1870 June – J Peters, manager of the Japanese Troupe advertises in The Era that he has re-engaged 4 of the best performers for 12 months and the rest have left for Japan.

1870 August – Coutswhoroge fire eating, Hikonosuke top spinning. ladies singing and dancing.

1871 January – Otomi, Mitsuko, Otake, Tannaker, Hikonosuke in Folkestone

1871 February – advertisement in The Era that Hasingawa Harosan (Hasegawa Harukichi) and Tannaker Buhicrosan are co-proprietors of the Royal Tycoon and Dragon Troupe of 15 artists.

1872 Tannaker’s Tycoon Japanese Troupe, 12 in number. Last mention of Tycoon Troupe in conjunction with Tannaker.

Tanaka Tsurukichi, an early member of Tannaker’s troupe, butterfly fanning. From the Dr Robert H Sayers collection.

The graphics in the advertisements above were based on the Utagawa Yoshiharu print used to advertise the Hamaikari troupe within Japan and then used by the Imperial Japanese troupe to advertise their performances in Britain and the United States.