1870 Glover & Co in Nagasaki is declared bankrupt

1870 Thomas King’s Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe arrives in Britain

1871-3 Iwakura Mission to United States and Europe.

1871 Peak of Japanese students going to Britain, France, Germany, America

1871 William Grant, proprietor of the Great Dragon Troupe, is declared bankrupt.

The Great Dragon Troupe in 1871 (private collection of Pernille Rudlin)

1872 Iwakura Mission arrived in Britain

1871-2 Nagasaki connected to Vladivostock, Shanghai and Hong Kong by telegraphic cable. Telegram service connecting Japan to Europe and United States launched

1872 Railway between Tokyo and Yokohama opens, construction supervised by British engineer Edmund Morel

1872 Koseki, family registration system introduced, requiring Japanese to have family names.

1872 Japanese government orders emancipation of girls and women held in bondage and nullifying debts incurred by their parents. Teahouses cleared of their occupants. Brothels become licensed.

1873 waiting area at Shiodome Tokyo Station Utagawa Hiroshige III (private collection of Pernille Rudlin)

1873 Tannaker Buhicrosan registers his troupes, appoints John Hardman as manager.

1873 Japanese government officially permits international marriages. Edict against Christianity removed

Great Dragon Troupe, 1873, Ipswich (Dr Robert H Sayers collection

1873-6 Thomas Glover manages the Takashima mine, paying off debts

1873 Vienna Exhibition Japanese section sponsored by Meiji Japanese government. Thomas Jeckyll‘s Four Seasons gates displayed. Mass production of Jeckyll’s fire fronts by Barnard, Bishop, Barnards begins.

1874 Okura & Co is the first Japanese trading company to open an office in London

1874 Mitsui & Co enter into an agency contract with American Robert Walker Irwin to represent them

1875 May – Alexandra Palace re-opens, with a Japanese Village in the park.

1876 Glover joins Mitsubishi as a consultant, supporting their takeover of the Takashima Colliery.

1876 Japanese Consulate established at 83-84 Bishopsgate, staffed by 3 Japanese officials including Minami Tamotsu.

1876 Jeckyll‘s Japanese Pavilion exhibited at Philadelphia Fair, Boileau Fountain unveiled, with Japanese panels.

Boileau Fountain, Norwich
Jeckyll’s Japanese Pavilion

1877 June – Robert Walker Irwin arrives in London, sets up agency to deal with woollen textiles, steamships and rice, representing Mitsui & Co

1878 Mitsui & Co send Mitsui Yonosuke to London to supervise agency of Robert W Irwin

1879 Mitsui & Co decide to set up a branch office in London. Motoaki Sasase sent to London by Mitsui & Co as branch manager. At 1 Crosby Square, 18 Bishopsgate within, offices shared with their agent, Robert Walker Irwin. Officially opens September 1879.

Mitsui’s Tokyo headquarters, 1872