The Imperial Troupe 1867-1871

Hired by Professor Risley, 12 performers, 18 members, including:

Sumidagawa Namigorō (butterfly trick), Sumidagawa Namishichi (apprentice, costumier), Sumidagawa Koman (female, top spinner), Sumidagawa Tō (female, shamisen player), Sumidagawa Matsugorō (rope walker)

Matsui Shinjirō/Matsugorō (props assistant), Matsui Kikujirō (top spinner), Matsui Tsune (female, 9 years old, top spinner)

Hamaikari Iwakichi (overseer, diarist), Hamaikari Sadakichi (bottom in balancing act), Hamaikari Shigematsu (drums, scenic artist), Hamaikari Rinzō (Flute), Hamaikari Kanekichi (narrator, stage manager), Hamaikari Denkichi (acrobat, foot equilibrist), Hamaikari Yonekichi (juvenile acrobat), Hamaikari Sentarō (acrobat), Hamaikari Umekichi/Mikichi/Little All Right (upper in balancing act), Hamaikari Chōkichi (upper in balancing act)

1867 July – Perform at the Cirque Napoleon, outside the Exposition grounds in Paris to October then perform in France until December 1867

Imperial Troupe in Le Monde Illustre 26th October 1867

1867 December arrive in Britain, leave June 1868 for Spain.

Imperial Troupe at the Lyceum, London – Illustrated Times May 23 1868

1869 June – 1870 June reappear in Britain – 12 performers including Hamaikari Sadakichi (Count Sadakichi), Little All Right, Denkichi, Koman, Matsugorō, Otsune, Yonekichi, Namigorō, Sentarō, Chōkichi, Rinzō, Kanekichi, Matzuikikujiri (presumably Matsui Kikujirō but he died in April 1868)

1869 August – Professor Risley was indicted for accosting a twelve year old girl Maria Mason near Leicester Square, released on bail and eventually found not guilty in October.

1871 April census Hamaikari Denkichi, Yonekichi, Sentarō, Chōkichi living in London.

For more on the Troupe see Professor Risley and the Imperial Japanese Troupe by Frederik L. Schodt