1890 May 1 to November – Tannaker‘s Japanese Village at the Edinburgh International Exhibition

1891 September – The Japan Society of London is founded

1892 Tannaker bankrupt

1893 Tannaker discharged from bankruptcy

1894 July – Unequal Treaties revised. Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation signed.

1894 July to April 1895 Sino-Japanese War resulting in Treaty of Shimonoseki, and China’s cession of Formosa (Taiwan) and the Penghu Islands to Japan.

1894 August – Tannaker Buhicrosan dies

1894 Thomas Glover becomes head of Japan Brewery Company (predecessor of Kirin Beer) and then resigns and goes into semi retirement

1895 Shoda Heigoro, Nippon Yusen company director, travels to Europe to negotiate with European-Far Eastern Conference, to prepare for new NYK service to Europe.

1896 Nippon Yusen shipping company opens branch in London – begins operating its European Line

1897 George Osborn (born in Japan in 1870 to Percival and Seto nee Ogawa Osborn) joins Okura Gumi in London

1898 Kadono Juukuro is manager of Okura London Branch

1898 Kansai Trading Company open office in Manchester with S Ishiyama and Matsumoto Yonekichi

1899 Extraterritoriality for British citizens in Japan ends.