Okayama Troupe 1918 – 1923

1918 April – July – Manchester

1918 August – Manchester – Okayama Troupe of Real Japanese Entertainers (an Act with Comedy, and Away from All Others)

1919 April “The Okayama Troupe uphold the reputation of their race in acrobatic novelties” Dundee

1920 March – “the youngest member of the troupe making a strong appeal by his bright style” The Stage

1920 November – “The Okayama Troupe of Japanese entertainers give a brilliant potpourri of pedestal balancing, foot balancing. top . spinning, etc.” Mexborough

1920 December – “Eastern magic by the Okayama Troupe of Japanese jugglers” Maskelyne at St George’s Hall London

1921 May – The Okayama Troupe score, the top spinning being pretty and neat. Dundee – The Stage

1921 June – “The Okayama Troupe of Japanese entertainers in their famous top spinning act are old favourites. They have lost none their skill. Some wonderfully daring feats are performed, the most sensational being that in which the youngest member the stands on his hands on a pyramid of bricks and slowly bends his body and lowers his feet on to the topmost brick and stands upright. The work of another member the troupe with the top marvellously clever, as is also the spinning of the juvenile on the feet two of the elders.” Burnley News

1923 March – Bolton