Akebono Troupe 1917 – 1926

5 performers including 1 female and one younger member.

1917 April – appear at Richmond Hippodrome

1917 July – appear at Royal Hippodrome, Rochdale

1917 August – Empire Theatre, Preston “gorgeously staged and costumed show”

1917 October – Coliseum, Burslem “unrivalled Japanese acrobats in feats of dexterous balancing” “a youthful member of the company appears quite at home in all his feats at the top of a pole balanced on the shoulder of a lady artist”

Through to 1919 January – last mention of Akebono Family in Britain

1923 November – Two Akebonos – Japanese entertainers in Liverpool

1924 December – Five Akebonos – Portsmouth

1926 April-May – Akebono Family – an amazing troupe of hand balancers and acrobats