Otsu trio/Otsu sisters 1924-26 1937-1940

1921 July – Jitsusaburo Otsu marries Violet Alice Dunning in Leeds

1921 October – Marjorie born in Leeds

1923 January – Constance born in Leeds

1924 April – Otsu trio perform in Shoreditch, London

1924 July – Theatre Royal, Bolton

1925 February – St Helens, Middlesbrough, – clever juggling and balancing turn

1925 April – the Otsu Trio of Japanese jugglers – Rochdale

1925 June – The Otsu Trio Japanese Equilibrists and Jugglers, featuring the wonderful Break-away Ladder. (Forfar)

1925 August – The Otsu Trio, who are Japanese, supplied a wonderful exhibition of balancing which was received with enthusiastic appreciation (Belfast)

1925 September – the Otsu Trio, who give an exceptionally fine display of juggling, and their breakaway ladder feat is very daring

1926 March – Sensation and thrills are features of the act presented by the Otsu Trio, Japanese and entertainers. Their balancing feats are unique, and seemingly almost impossible, yet they are performed with grace and that suggests wonderful steadiness and nerve. The sensation of the turn is provided by a “breakaway ladder,” which leaves a youthful pet/turner in a daring head balance at the top of an eight or ten toot pole. The trio have a big ovation. (Middlesbrough)

1937 March – The Otsu Family marvellous trio Japanese and Fujiko (Wednesbury)

1937 Apr-Jun – Jitsusaburo dies in Bristol

1937 June – The Otsu sisters – two dexterous Japanese jugglers and acrobats – Bradford

1937 June – The Otsu Sisters, two little Japanese artistes. give a striking performance of juggling and hand-balancing, and the younger of these is also a clever contortionist. (Halifax)

1938 the Otsu sisters present dancing and balancing (Norwich New Royal)

1938 February – The Oriental Otsu Sisters, are featured in balancing feats and tricks, while one sister also plays the piano accordion, her sister, Miss Connie Otsu, too, won admiration for her dancing turn.

1938 December – in Babes in the Wood pantomime with Marjorie Otsu as Will Scarlett and Connie Otsu as Joan. Collins’ Islington.

1939 March – two daughters of the East in Oriental equilibristic feats

1939 December – Otsu Sisters, Marjorie in novelty dances and Connie in contortions and wonderful balancing, score a big success (Belfast)

1940 March – Marjorie and Connie Otsu in Hull “are delightful entertainers” – last appearance

1940 April – Marjorie Otsu marries Belfast born James McMurrough in Leeds

1943 Constance Otsu dies of TB in Yorkshire