Frederik Blekman

1839 February 25th – Frederik Eduard Maria Blekman born in Amsterdam to Eduard Matthijs Nicolaas Blekman and Susanna Catharina van der Hulst

1840 April – Frederik’s brother Leon born in Amsterdam

1859 April – arrives in Nagasaki from Batavia

1862 – possible birth of child with Omoto

Conference on the Semiramis 2nd July 1863 Frederik Blekman is on the far right, at the front

1863 October – writes letter to Japan Herald regarding Shimonoseki campaign, as interpreter attached to French admiral

1864 February – departs Japan with Second Japanese Embassy/Ikeda mission to France, possibly accompanied by Omoto

1864 May – Staying at Cataldi Hotel in London with Mme Blekman (Omoto?), where he met his father

1864 June – Mr Blekman and Mr Blekman junior and servant travel from Marseilles to Shanghai and arrive in Hong Kong as Messrs Blekman from Marseilles along with the Japanese Embassy

1865 Blekman arrested in Yokohama for refusing to hand over the remaining funds that the Bakufu government had given him to fund the Ikeda mission. Deported in 1866 and imprisoned for a year in the Netherlands.

1867 March – Returns to Japan from San Francisco on Hermann (F Blackman). Brother Leon is a shopkeeper in Yokohama

1867 May – Great Dragon Troupe departs Japan

1867 June – Great Dragon Troupe arrives in San Francisco (F Blekeman)

1867 July – interview with Blekman and Omoto (Oniota) in the New York Commercial Advertiser. Omoto described as having three children.

1867 August – Great Dragon Troupe arrive in Dublin “Mr Blackman, the interpreter, who said some really good things, including threatening to punch the head of one of the party” (Penny Despatch and Irish Weekly 24 August 1867 p 5)

1867 December – Great Dragon Troupe (including Omoto) arrive in Australia

1869 February – Great Dragon Troupe finish tour of Australasia

1869 May – Great Dragon Troupe return to Britain

1869 August – Great Dragon Troupe depart Britain for Paris (including Omoto)

1869 September – Great Dragon Troupe return to Britain, new proprietor is E.G. Bert of San Francisco.

1870 April – Frederik Blekman (Blackman) is interpreter and manager for Great Dragon Troupe, assists Hotaka Joji and his wife with pickpocketing trial in Belfast

1871 April – census – Frederick Blekman aged 35, professional manager Japanese troupe, born in Amsterdam. Omoto Blekman born in Yedo, 29, married – with other members of Great Dragon Troupe in a lodging house in Luton

1871 July – Mr Blekman, the manager of the troupe, acted as interpreter for Kondo Fudekichi, who had money stolen from him by a prostitute in Merthyr Tydfil

1871 December – Mr Blackburn (Blekman?) is a defendant in a trial for a claim against him as the Tycoon Dragon Troupe’s manager by an agent for a theatre, for the costs for booking a band for a performance which was cancelled because of an argument amongst the troupe, in Gloucester. Tannaker Buhicrosan appears as a witness and says he did not ask Blackburn for the band to be booked. Judgement given for the plaintiff.

1871 December – Mr Bleckman, interpreter and manager attends a Christmas dinner for the troupe in Chester.

1872 March – Tannaker places a notice in The Era that “F Blekman ceased to have any connection” with the Great Dragon Troupe

1875 working as a clerk for the Glasgow Tramway and Bus Company and also as a translator

1876 December convicted and imprisoned for 40 days for defrauding the Glasgow Tramway and Bus Company

1877 working for ship brokers Wilcox, Saunders & Co in Southampton, arrested and then discharged for unlawfully obtaining by false pretences money which was meant to be used to pay a pilot

1881 Charged with stealing blankets and pawning them from the rooms he was renting in Great Yarmouth while working for the French Vice consul, Small & Co. Imprisoned for 6 weeks with hard labour

1881 April Census – living in London as a “foreign corresponding” with Annie Blekman, aged 41

1886 marries 28 year old Louise Francoise Gavend. Occupation given as merchant – bachelor, aged 46. Lived in Castle Street East and then Riding House Street in Marylebone, London.

1888 dies, aged 48, in the French Hospital of heart disease. Occupation on death certificate is “professor of languages ” and “late officer of the French Navy”