Yo-San troupe 1907-1916

1907 August – Yo San Troupe of Real Japanese, male and female, five in number – Hastings & St Leonards

1907 September – juggling, balancing and rope walking – Dublin. One young girl giving a specially sensational performance on the tight rope.

1908 February – The Yo-San Troupe, who form the principal attraction at the Grand Hippodrome, hail, as their title indicates, from the Land of the Chrysanthemum, and there is scarcely anything in the equilibristic line that they are not., apparently, capable of. The senior member gives artistic display of juggling, whilst the younger members of the combination through some daring and neatly executed balancing feats on the pole, supported on the shoulders of associate, on a rope stretched to the ceiling. It is an excellent turn in every way, and large audiences awarded the performers hearty applause on Monday. (Sheffield)

1916 – We have seen many daring equilibrists acts, but never we think have seen anything approaching the performance the Troupe As their name implies, they are full blooded Japs, and they demonstrate in no uncertain manner, the fact that the Japanese excel in feats of balancing. The Yo-San Troupe are really versatility personified. One can balance, another tipple, another perform wanders on the slack wire, pole, etc. There is a juggler, too, who would be hard to beat. Their performance is wonderful and leaves one agape in wonderment. They are daring beyond words, yet everything passes off without the slightest hitch or bungle, giving one the impression that it quite an ordinary thing in their lives. The troupe is alone well worth visit to the Electric, though there are heaps of other attractions. (Boston)

Introducing Little O’Tosey Yo-San, the smallest Japanese performer, in her ladder acts. (New Electric Theatre, Boston)