1864-6 born in Japan, father was Sicke Tarro, also an actor, according to Kintaro’s marriage certificate

1882 November 14 – Arthur King Tarro baptised in Folkestone, Kent. Tannaker‘s Temple of Japan was playing in Folkestone.

1887 May – Kingtarro at Japanese Village in London. “His striking performance of A Slide for Life”. Also Kingko “in his marvellous and daring performance”

1888 May – Will arrive shortly from Japan – The Great Kingkho – the flying man, rope slider, wire walker etc. J Hardman. 195 Wardour Street (probably Tannaker’s former manager John Hardman)

1888 July – Arthur King Tarro aged 24 marries Lily Eugenie Fitzgerald, aged 19 at the parish church of Christ Church, Salford. Lily is the daughter of a curled hair manufacturer.

1888 September – Kingkho the Japanese Marvel, juggler, wire and rope walker. With the Provincial Agency, Manchester.

1889 April – Kingkho a Japanese wire walker and rope performer

1889 June – “A.K. Tarro Canadian Blondin, on the Thin Telegraph” appears with Como Tarro, Feet Equilibristic and Acrobatic Act at the Royal Albert Music Hall, Canning Town.

1889 June – Como Tarro Japanese wonder, Kingkho Moretta on the lofty wire. Canford Park Wimborne.

1889 July – Kingkho Moretta/Mozetta, Original Kingkho Marvellous Japanese slanting rope walker in his great flight through the air and loft tight wire walker. Grand native costume. Open for pantomime. Agent Montgomery, London.

1889 October – Kintaro and Lily’s first child, Madeline Eugene Theodora Tarro born in Manchester.

1889 November 2 – Quinette Circus Southport – Tarro and Yeddo the wonderful Japs on telephone wire

1889 November 30 – concluded Circus, Preston, then St Helens. The Brothers Allright, only Tarros. World’s Greatest Wonders. King of the Slanting Rope. High Wire Wonder. The Prince of balancers.

1889 December – The Flight of Mercury by Tarro and Yeddo – Tarro’s wire walking and Yeddo’s juggling. Barnsley. Will Sley is agent.

1890 February – Yeddo’s equilibristic entertainment and Tarro’s walking on the rope and invisible wire. Croueste’s Circus Leicester.

1890 March – Tarro Troupe of Japanese artists, Sanger’s Circus, Sheffield

1890 October – Kintaro and Lily’s second child, Daisy Lavinia Dorothy Tarro dies in Chorlton, Lancashire.

1890 October – Will Sley, agent, starts to promote Tarrosan, King of the Slanting Rope, “Performs the wonderful feat of walking up backwards and forwards and sliding perfectly erect upon his feet for life, marvellous high wire walker. Agent Sley, Oxford Street, Manchester. At Liberty December 1st, now on tour with Sanger and sons.”

1891 January – Tarrosan at Croueste’s Circus in Bradford and then Bolton. Ascending backwards on a rope, then slides down, then walked up face forwards, with only a Japanese umbrella for balance.

1891 March – Tarro san the Japanese artiste, slide for life, Sangers Circus

1891 April – census – Arthur K Tarro staying in a boarding house in Leicester, aged 26, Lily aged 22. Occupation tight rope walker. Born in Japan, naturalised British subject. Madeline staying with her parents in Manchester.

1891 summer – Arthur and Lily’s third child Arthur Edward King Tarro born

1891 summer – with Sanger’s circus in Cirencester, Swindon and Folkestone, “exclusively engaged by Lord John Sanger at an enormous salary” “completely dwarfs all others in his wonderful performance.”

1891 October – Arthur Edward King Tarro dies at 72 Rosamond Street, Manchester.

1892 Jan-Feb – Torrosson with Hamilton’s Excursions, Dundee

1892 July – Tarrosan performs Slide for Life in front of Queen at Windsor Castle

1892 – November Arthur and Lily’s fourth child Leslie Gerald George Tarro born

1893 January – Arthur Tarro writes to The Era as A. Tarrosan wire walker and slanting rope performer of 11 Upper Wilmott Street, Manchester to say that Jonson Tarrosan [Ichitaro] “has no connection whatever with me, and so far as I was aware, I am the only Japanese in England working under that name”

1893 May – Tarrosan, The Royal Japanese Marvel , Daring Slide for Life, Belfast.

1894 Tarrosan the famous Japanese wire walker, Dewsbury

1895 February – Leslie Gerald George dies at 70 Rosamond Street, Manchester aged two years and three months.

1895 July 1 – Arthur King Tarro falls off the slack wire during a performance in Runcorn, dislocating his spine.

1895 July – Arthur and Lily’s fifth child Phyllis Victoria Tarro born.

1895 August – Tarro’s agent Will Sley sets up a subscription fund for Tarro and his family.

1895 August 31 – Arthur King Tarro discharged from hospital, with permanent paralysis

1895 November – Will Sley has given Lily £47 from the fund and proposes to pay her 15s a week until the rest of the fund is exhausted. Lily opens a professional lodging-house at 47 Sydney Street, Manchester.

1895 December – advertisements start to appear in The Era for “Apartments. Piano. Sitting room and Bedrooms. Combined Rooms. Vacant for Panto” at 47 Sidney Street, Albion Temperance Hotel.

1897 February – Lily arrested for keeping an ill governed and disorderly house at the Albion Temperance Hotel in Sidney Street. Constable Bloomfiled said he had seen women of loose character going into the house, accompanied by men.” Allegations of police corruption. Lily sentenced to three months’ hard labour.

1901 April – census – Arthur King Tarro aged 35, a Temperance Hotel Keeper, living with Lily Eugenie his wife aged 32, their daughter Madeline E aged 11 and daughter Phyllis aged 5.

1901 September 8 – Arthur Tarro dies at Sidney Street, Manchester, aged 36, formerly a slanting wire walker, of paraplegia after fractured spine 6 years, bedsores and exhaustion.