Soga Trio 1918 – 1924

1918 April – North Shields – Soga Trio Wonderful Japanese acrobats, remarkable hand balancers and tumblers. Most sensational gold ladder foot balance.

1918 December – Soga Japanese Troupe of equilibrists in Dublin

1921 February – The variety turn for the week is filled by the world-famous Soga Troupe of wonderful Japanese artistes. They introduce many sensational acts of hand-balancing and tumbling, and it is one of the most expensive engagements yet booked for Beeston.

1923 April – The sum of £100 will, according to the playbills, be given by the Soga Trio of Japanese artists to any person performing a balancing trick which will be demonstrated by a member of the troupe. This novel innovation should arouse considerable interest in the performance of the trio at the Tivoli Theatre next week. They will present clever tumbles, sensational balancing, and will wear magnificent dresses (Dublin)

1924 April – last mention of performing in Britain, at the Regent Theatre, Great Yarmouth “The Famous Soga Trio, Japanese Wonders from the London Palladium.”