Hirukawa (Charles Douthwaite) 1932 – 1941

1903 December – Charles Douthwaite born Middlesbrough, Yorkshire of Charles (a gas yard labourer) and Eliza Douthwaite.

1921 April – census – Charles Houghwaite, born Middleton, Lancashire in 1904, boarding with Catherine Hirukawa Esa and Isaberia Hirukawa Esa – the Esa Trio, in Daneville Road, Camberwell.

1927 June – marries Herta Meta Wiegand in Berlin

1927 August – son Percy born in Hamburg

1931 June – son Ralph born in Hamburg

1932 December – Soga and Hirukawa at Olympia, Bertram Mills Circus. ladder, rope sliding

The Sphere 31 December 1932

1933 March – Sensational Soga-Hirukawa Japanese Troupe

1933 October – Hirukawa & Co Southport

1933 December – Hirukawa Trio balancing acts. Empress Brixton – with Sydney L Hampton and his orchestra.

1934 Masu Hirukawa company at The Grand, Luton

DARING ACROBATS AT THE GRAND Something to please all tastes Is provided in the bill at the Grand Theatre this week, and an act that is certain to please everyone is staged by the Masu Hirukawa company of Japanese acrobats. Direct from the Continent, they give an exhibition as daring as it is original. Apart from the usual balancing feats with poles and ladders, and some clever and diverting tricks with a rubber ball and a parasol, they provide a sensational rope act, in which they walk along a rope suspended from the stage to the rail of the gallery, and slide backwards down it to tne stage. One of them performs the trick blindfolded.

1935 June – Rotherham. Masu Hirawaka Japanese acrobats and balancers. The slide of life.

1935 November – daughter Babette born in Hamburg

1936 August – Sensational feats are performed by the Masa Hirukawa  Four, a of Japanese artists who include In their act a slide on a wire from the balcony to the stage. (Bradford)

1938 December – Japanese balancing feats are presented by Masa Hirukawa Company – Plymouth

1939 April – Masa Hirukawa Troupe of Chinese Wonders. Greatest troupe of Oriental performers in the world. Their feats of daring must be seen to be believed. The most thrilling act ever seen in a circus ring SEE THEIR GREAT SLIDE FOR LIFE A death-defying feat performed while blindfolded and enveloped in a sack. Such a feat never before attempted. Just a slight mistake means death

1939 census – at 2 Park Hotel Cottages, Middlesbrough as a music hall acrobat travelling worker with Herta (music hall show woman travelling) and Ralph and one other child.

1941 November – Dublin – Famous Tight Rope Walker Dead

Known throughout Ireland for amazing exploits on the tightrope. Charles Douthwaite (Masa Hirukawa) has died in a sanatorium in Ennis, His chief act was a spectacular “slide for life”, on a wire stretching from the stage to the upper part of the theatre. He was a native of England.

The death certificate said he had been certified as having tuberculosis for 7 months. Died at the age of 38.