Tannaker Buhicrosan

1840 September 10th – William Bellingham Neville baptised at St Peter’s Liverpool. Mother is Hannah, father is William Bellingham Neville, surgeon.

1858 March – William Nevell enlists with the 18th Hussars as a clerk

1859 March 28th – William Nevell marries Elizabeth Carter in York (father is William Nevell, surgeon)

1860 July -William Nevell deserts 18th Hussars

1860 September 28th – Sarah Mary Neville born, baptised in Liverpool, father William Neville, mother Elizabeth Neville, father’s occupation groom.

1861 October 21st – William Nelson marries Ellen McLean in Liverpool. William Nelson’s father given as William Nelson, surgeon. William Nelson’s own occupation also surgeon.

1862 April 7th – Catherine Elizabeth Nevell born in Liverpool of William Nevell, soldier 18th Hussars and Elizabeth Carter

1862 October 22nd – William Neville charged with bigamy

1862 December 3rd – William Neville sentenced to one year’s hard labour

1864-5 William Neville goes to Japan, possibly with the 20th Regiment of Foot

1864-6/7 possibly living as William Nelson, watch maker in Nagasaki. Marries Otake.

1867 November – Royal Tycoon Troupe, headed by Tannaker Buhicrosan, arrive in Melbourne, Australia. May have toured other Asian countries before arrival.

1868 December – Royal Tycoon Troupe arrive in Britain

1869 February 7th – Otake gives birth to Tani in Bolton

1871 September 14th – Ohichan born

1872 Tannaker takes over Great Dragon Troupe, asserts Frederick Blekman has ceased to have any connection with it

1873 Tannaker registers troupe names, appoints John Hardman as manager

1874 Buys house in Hither Green, London

1875 Tannaker calls himself an importer of Japanese handicrafts and starts to give away Japanese articles to the audience

1876 Tannaker Billingham Buhicrosan born

1878 Miles Nevell Buhicrosan born

1879 Otake and Tannaker marry

1880 Otakesan Maude Buhicrosan born

1881 Winifred Billingham Buhicrosan born

1883 Lancelot Reynolds Billingham Buhicrosan born

1884 Moved to Yeddo Grange, is running a property rental business

1884 March – Tani, Ohi, Tannaker, Miles, Maude, Winifred, Lancelot baptised, Tannaker gives occupation as merchant

1884 summer – Tannaker visits Japan to recruit people for the Japanese Village

1884 November – Ure Buhicrosan born

1885 January – Tannaker’s Japanese Village opens

1885 May – Tannaker’s Japanese Village burns down

1885 summer – Tannaker returns to Japan to purchase further fittings for Village

1886 December – Otake visits Japan

1887 January – Tannaker sells off his interest in the London Japanese Village to the Japanese Village and Oriental Trading Company

1887 May – Tannaker’s Japanese Village in Saltaire, Liverpool

1887 June Chiyo Buhicrosan born

1887 July – Japanese Village in London closes down, company in liquidation

1888 Tannaker Japanese Villages in Cheltenham and Nottingham

1890 January – Osui Buhicrosan born

1890 summer – Edinburgh International Exhibition

1891 Move back to Hither Green

1891 Chiyo dies of morphine poisoning aged 3

1892 Tannaker bankrupt

1893 Tannaker discharged of bankruptcy

1893 August – Otakesan Maude dies of cholera aged 13

1894 August – Tannaker dies of cirrhosis of the liver and acute jaundice at the age of 58