Morimura 1905 – 1926

1905 August – Morimura and Princess Miako, Japanese illusionists – Birkenhead

1905 November – Morimura, the Japanese conjurer, introduced a number of his mysteries and created surprise and laughter, some his tricks being novel, not least noteworthy being the setting out of two dining tables. He was well received. (Burnley)

1907 October Some mystifying conjuring is done by Morimura, assisted by a Japanese lady. Morimura succeeds producing from apparently nowhere host of things ranging from coloured handkerchiefs to live pigeon. (Eastern Daily Press)

1909 assisted by Miako

performs in Britain until 1912-1913 when becomes Morimura Trio. Two ladies and one gentleman.

1916 Morimura advertising in The Era, based in Yorkshire.

1918 December – on same billing as the Kobes in Burnley

1919 June Runcorn, September Derry

1920 March – Morimura. a Japanese illusionist, bewildered and amused. Dublin

1926 June MORIMURA The Marvellous Japanese Illusionist. The most accomplished Japanese Conjurer in the World. In his original spectacular Oriental Magic Act, comprising the very latest Japanese Tricks, Illusiona and Surprises. Tonbridge