The Andos 1898 – 1913

Led by Mitsukichi Ando (b 1868) 6-7 members including his children.

1898 December – Birmingham, The Ando Royal Japanese Troupe in a wonderful juggling performance

1899 November – Ando’s Royal Imperial Japanese Troupe – swinging bamboos, pyramid contortion, ladder, juggling, posturing, top spinning.

1899 December – Shika, formerly of Ando’s troupe, tries to commit suicide in Leeds after quarrelling and parting with his wife.

1900 February – Batty’s circus, Stockton on Tees, The Ando Yedo Japanese troupe

1901 April census – in Leeds, Mitsukichi Ando aged 38, Otama, wife, Mato son aged 13, Otisy daughter aged 12, Ohana daughter aged 9, Metsie son aged 6, Rodayshi Richi visitor aged 46, Frank Kamitaro 27, Jins Sadakichi 19.

1902 March – left Britain? Probably in USA.

1903 February – Andos family amusing Japanese acrobats, jugglers, wire walkers, rope climbers and sliders Leicester

1904 June – December Ando Troupe of 7 native jugglers and acrobats

1905 March-August in Britain

The Era, 1905

1906 Young lady doing slide for life has accident, saved by a knotted rope

1907 May – 6 Real Japanese. October – 15 year old daughter of Mr Ando fell from a bicycle on a pole while performing in Cardiff.

1908 January – August in Britain

1909 January – September in Britain, then St Petersburg

1910 March – Dublin, October Swansea

1911 October – Manchester Royal Ando Troupe of Japanese

1912 February – Gateshead

1912 – December Omasa Suwa claimed in Manchester court that Mitsukichi Ando was unlawfully detaining her 14 year old son Sentaro Akimoto – whose father had died in 1910.

1913 2 ladies in the Andos, one of whom is chiefly ornamental, neither look Japanese.