1850 born in Mogi, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, to a farmer named Haguro

1866/7 left Nagasaki with Tannaker Buhicrosan, Hikonosuke, Tsurukichi, Mitsuko and Otomi.

1867 November – arrives in Melbourne with Tannaker & co, from Galle, Ceylon

1868 June – Otakesammer and Otommeysan in their Graceful Hoderho – Adelaide

1868 July – Complimentary benefit to Missimie Otakesammer – the first Japanese lady ever permitted to leave the country, Adelaide

1868 August – “The pleasant and pretty little lady whose nomme de guerre is Otakesammer” – Ballarat

1868 December – in Wolverhampton, with Imperial Tycoon Troupe (Tannaker Buhicrosan, Hikonosuke, Tsurukichi, Mitsuko and Otomi)

1869 February – daughter Otani born in Bolton “little more than 18 years of age”

1869 August – Otakesammer in a “dance amazingly grotesque but yet to a certain extent graceful in some of its movements.” The Era

1870 April – Belfast, Glasgow

1870 May – Barrow in Furness “three almond eyed beauties” “a buxom young woman, favoured the audience with an exhibition of certain hand and foot movements descibed as a dance” Ulverston Mirror

1870 September – daughter Ohi born in Caernarfon, Wales

1871 February – Otakesan, performing with troupe – Oxford

1871 April – census, in Peterborough “interpreter’s wife” aged 21 with Ohi and Otani

1872 January – staying in Hanley, tells 13 year old lodging house servant Sarah Royle that her employer was not treating her well and she should live with her brother. Sarah Royle is later (allegedly) raped by a lodger at another boarding house.

1872 touring Britain with Tannaker’s Great Dragon Troupe as Otakesan

1872 December – Tannaker on trial for charges of child cruelty in Exeter – a 6 year old boy boy called Johnny who was tied by hands in a cupboard for several hours.

1872 December 24th – birth of daughter Ohana in Chester.

1873 March – Ohana baptised at Christ Church Chester

1873 June – Otakesan advertised for Halesworth performance

1873 December – Otakesan advertised for Bradford performances

1873-4 touring Britain with Tannaker’s Japanese

1874 October – last billing as a performer, in Leicester

1876 February – birth of son Tannaker Billingham, at 44 Hither Green Lane

1878 February – son Miles Nevell born at 44 Hither Green Lane

1879 July – marries Tannaker Buhicrosan at the Manchester registry office as Otakesan Ohilosan Buhicrosan, formerly Ohilosan, aged 32. Previously married at Nagasaki, Japan in 1868.

1880 March – daughter Otakesan Maude born at 44 Hither Green

1881 April – Otake and Tannaker not present at house in Hither Green but in Nottingham with Ohana and Miles. Rest of the children are being looked after by Tannaker’s daughter Sarah Mary Ellen.

1881 July – daughter Winifred Billingham born in London

1883 May – son Lancelot Reynolds Billingham born at Yeddo Grange

1884 March – seven of her children are christened. Otake has also been christened, with the name of Ruth.

1884 November – daughter Ure born in Lewisham

1885 Author of “Japan, past and present: The manners and customs of the Japanese, and a description of the Japanese native village, (promoted by T. Buhicrosan) erected at Albert Gate, Hyde Park,” 1885. By O. Buhicrosan. Ed. by R. Reinagle Barnett (1885)

1886 October – returns to Japan, with a special saloon and stewardess being engaged for her comfort. Is a naturalized British citizen. Visit is of a private and family nature, but also the opportunity to secure several novelties and natives for her husband’s business, for Japanese Villages in the provinces, as well as one in America.

1887 June – birth of daughter Chiyo

1888 September – daughter Otani marries Leonard Atkinson

1889 February – “quaint dancing and posturing by the Japanese ladies” – 4 women and 1 boy. Exeter.

1889 May – Otake’s first grandchild, Laura Otani Atkinson born to Otani

1890 January – Otake’s last child, a girl named Osui born at Yeddo Grange.

1890 April – Gladys Ruth Atkinson, Otake’s second grandchild is born to Otani

1890 August – Otake goes up in a balloon at the Edinburgh Exhibition with Professor Grais, wearing native dress. Landed in the field of Mr Pendreigh and his wife in Upper Dalhousie. Were entertained at their farm and then driven back to Edinburgh station.

1890 October – Ohana, Otake’s third oldest daughter, marries the manager of the Edinburgh Exhibition, Samuel Lee Bapty, by special license in Edinburgh, at the age of 17. He is already married, with 10 children.

1891 April – census records destroyed – but the family are back at 44 Hither Green

1891 August – Tannaker’s eldest daughter, by Elizabeth Carter, sues her husband William Hughes for divorce on the grounds of desertion and his adultery with her younger half-sister, Otake’s second eldest daughter Ohi

1891 October – Ohi marries William Hughes

1891 November – Mary Ellen has moved back in with Tannaker and Otake at Hither Green. Tannaker and Otake’s second youngest child Chiyo, dies aged 3, from morphia poisoning.

1892 August – Otake appears at the Ladywell Cottagers’ Flower Show in Lewisham, where she and her family “gave clever Japanese entertainment”

1892 March – Otake’s third grandchild Dorothy Violet Hughes is born to Ohi

1893 August – Otake’s fourth oldest daughter Otake Maude dies of enteritis and pneumonia (probably cholera) in Grimsby at the age of 13, one of 127 people to die in a cholera outbreak. Tani and Osui also contract cholera but survive.

1893 October – Otake’s fourth grandchild Cedric Bertram Wilfred Lee Bapty born to Ohana.

1894 August – Tannaker Buhicrosan dies of cirrhosis of the liver and acute jaundice at the age of 58. He does not leave a will. Otake settles his estate, of £302, which went to her in December 1894.

1894 December – stays with the Iles family in Southend as is interviewed as the “celebrated authoress of “Japan and its People, past and present”. “Speaking of the war with China, Mrs Buhicrosan, in very fluent English, expressed her belief that the demands of the Japanese were just. She said the war was but the outcome of ill-feeling which the Chinese had fostered towards her country ever since they sued for peace at the split some years ago. The Japanese were a far more enlightened race than the Chinese, and the Coreans felt it a dishonour to be in subjection to China, the government of which had long thrown hindrances in the way of commerce. The Japanese people approved of the war, and entertained friendly feelings towards the English. At the same time, she would be glad to see the war at an end.” (Chelmsford Chronicle, 14 December 1894)

1895 January – Tannaker’s possessions are auctioned off by Henry Iles.

1895 Otake’s fifth grandchild Harry Reginald Howling born to Ohi and Harry Isaac Howling

1896 May – Otake’s sixth grandchild Samuel Lee Bapty born to Ohana

1897 Leonard Atkinson sues for divorce from Otani on the grounds of her adultery with Lionel Peyton Holmes

1897 Otake’s seventh grandchild Arthur Leonard Howling born to Ohi and Harry Isaac Howling

1898 November – Otake’s eighth grandchild Antoinette Ohana Lee Bapty born to Ohana

1899 August – Otake’s fifth child Miles Nevell marries Maria Phoebe Arnold

1900 December – Otake’s ninth grandchild Lucy Bapty is born to Winifred and Frederick Lee Bapty

1901 April – census Otake is staying with her fifth daughter Winifred and her husband to be Frederick and their child Lucy, with her children Tannaker, Lancelot and Osui in Tottenham. Otake’s second youngest surviving daughter Ure is living in an orphanage in Stockwell.

1901 April – Otake’s tenth grandchild Muriel Winifred Otake is born to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe

1902 Otake’s fifth daughter Winifred marries Samuel Lee-Bapty’s oldest son Frederick

1903 April – Otake’s eleventh grandchild Dorothy Ivy is born to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe

1903 May – Otake’s twelfth grandchild Cicely Lee Bapty is born to Winifred

1904 Ohi marries Harry Isaac Howling

1905 – Otake’s thirteenth grandchild Grace Jessie is born to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe

1906 April – Otake’s eighth child Lancelot Reynolds marries Miniie Beatrice Graham

1906 August – Otake’ s fourteenth grandchild Miles William Tannaker is born to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe, dies a few months later

1907 May – Otake’s fifteenth grandchild Lancelot Graham Reynolds born to Lancelot Reynolds and Minnie Beatrice

1908 October – Otake’s sixteenth grandchild Edna Evelyn Agnes is born in Cape Town, South Africa to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe

1909 April – Osui, Otake’s youngest daughter marries a Japanese acrobat Say Maki. Otake is a witness to the marriage.

1911 April – census Otake is living on her own in Battersea, near Otani and other children and grandchildren.

1911 July – Otake’s seventeenth grandchild Mabel Phoebe Miles is born in South Africa to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe

1913 January – Otake’s eighteenth grandchild Say Maki born to Osui and Say Maki

1913 August – Otake’s nineteenth grandchild Ure Jean Miles is born in South Africa to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe

1914 June – Otake dies aged 59, according to her death certificate, of cardiac failure and rheumatoid arthritis, at her home in Merton Road, Wimbledon.

1915 August – Otake’s twentieth grandchild Arnold Neville born in South Africa to Miles Nevell and Maria Phoebe