Torikata Troupe 1886 – 1890

Headed by Torigata Kosakichi, a rope walker. He had been with the Matsui Gensui Troupe who came to Europe in 1867. He had married a German woman, then returned to Japan in 1876. He came back to Europe in 1882, initially touring the Continent.

1883 – were in Brussels, five in number “They are remarkably clever, and run up ropes and poles by the sole aid of their hands and toes with marvellous rapidity, one of them supporting himself on a bar on the roof of the building, and there sustaining the weight of the other four. In the second part, one of the performers, lying on his back, manipulates with his feet a large tub three or four yards in diameter, spinning it round in every direction. Two boys of the troupe then take their places, one on its inside, the other on the outside, while the same process is going on. In the third part, the youngest performer walls up a pole supported on the shoulders of the eldest of the troupe, and performs all sorts of curious gymnastics.” The Era January 1883

1883 Torikata Tasakiki in court in Paris for allowing his “son” to perform without a net

1884 – represented by Rosinsky’s in Paris

1886 March – first appearance in Britain at the Paragon Theatre of Varieties, Mile End. Male and female, eight in number.

1886 May – Imperial Torikata Troupe of Japanese, who recently appeared before the Royal Family

1886 June – Torikata Imperial Japanese Troupe and Madame Torikata in her charming butterfly act – Crystal Palace

1886 July – Dublin – great Torikata troupe of Japanese whose performance has the charm of variety and novelty. From the Japanese Village Colonial Exhibition. Great Tub Acts. Pole Balancing. Chair Sliding. Swinging Bamboo. Great Ladder Feats. Wire Walking. Rope Sliding. Top Spinning.

Continued touring Britain to January 1887

1888 – represented by Frank Albert, Stamford Street, London

1889 April – at the London Pavilion, then Crystal Palace. Includes 3 youths who climb 3 poles loosely suspended from a polished steel triangular framework, by means of their toes. Also slack wire and tub balancing.

1889 June – one of the Torikata troupe fell on a female member of the audience from a slack wire – the guide rope also broke. “Four clever little Japs” Tschuzo Torikata the wire walker goes through a number of evolutions with an umbrella and handkerchief.

1889 July “picturesque in native costumes of flowered silk, brown, blue, green, and old gold” in front of the Shah of Persia at the Crystal Palace.

1889 July – advertise as represented by Parravicini

1889 November – a member of the Torikata troupe lost hold of the pole and came crashing down in the stalls at the Westminster Aquarium. Ended up in Westminster hospital with a sprained ankle.

1890 May – last performance in Britain, at the Crystal Palace