Japanese troupe images

Individual Japanese acrobats and performers who settled in Britain and started their own troupes:

John Gingero 1851/3 to 1899?

Kondo Torakichi 1856/8 to 1925

Harper’s Weekly, 1867

1867 February – Matsui Gensui troupe perform in London. Manager is Scottish ship contractor William Grant.

Tanaka Tsurukichi, an early member of Tannaker’s troupe, butterfly fanning. From the Dr Robert H Sayers collection.
Great Dragon Troupe in Perth, Scotland, November, 1870, Dr Robert H Sayers Collection
The Great Dragon Troupe in Britain in 1871? Hasegawa Harukichi, Hasegawa Kanekichi, Kagami Godayuu, Hotaka Kinjiro, Kondo Yasokichi, Kondo Fudekichi, Ogawa Mankichi, Ogawa Torakichi, Omoto, Oiye, Hotaka Joji? Director (Pernille Rudlin’s private collection)
Great Dragon Troupe, after it merged with Tannaker’s troupe, taken by William Vick of Ipswich. The woman in the middle is probably Omoto rather than Otake. Taken in 1873? From the Dr Robert H Sayers Collection.
Photograph of the Japanese Village in Knightsbridge taken by WS Gilbert, 1885. It’s unlikely either woman was Otake, as she was in her mid thirties by this stage, with nine children, and as the proprietor’s wife was meant to be helping with the management of the village rather than participating in it. Although WS Gilbert started writing the MIkado before the Japanese Village opened, he could have been inspired by seeing Otake, Mitsuko and Otomi perform with Tannaker’s troupe in Britain over the previous 15 years.
Mr Buhicrosan – the ever mysterious Tannaker Buhicrosan/William Bellingham Neville. Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 24 January 1885, p 17
From the V&A collection

Japan Past and Present: The Manners and Customs of the Japanese. Also a Description of the Japanese Native Village (Promoted by Tannaker Buhicrosan) [Erected at] Albert Gate, Hyde Park” by Otakesan Buhicrosan
A production of The Mikado (private collection of Pernille Rudlin)
Illustrated London News, 1887

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