Lukushima Troupe 1901 – 1918

Rokushima in current romanization. Known in Europe as Imperial Asahi Troupe

2 gentlemen, a lady and a mite of a boy (1903), 5 in 1906. Jugglers, equilibrists, acrobats, rope walking. Little lady Otora-san. Seem to be two troupes performing in Britain and Australia simultaneously October 1905- 1906

1901 February – in Britain

1903 February – top spinners, tumblers and juggler in Brighton

1903 April – June tour Britain

Music Hall and Theatre Review 17 April 1903

1904 – May – Toba Lukushima, Renzo Lukushima (child), Hanjo Lukushima (child), Osada Lukushima, Kaneno Lukushima, Tennezo Lukushima arrive in Southampton from Capetown.

1904 October – Mr & Mrs Lukushima, Mr Y and Masters Lukushima depart Southampton for Capetown

1904 November – May 1906 – Lukushima Troupe of five including that clever little lady Miss Otora San tour Britain

Japanese says Tora Ichitaro? Is Otora san male or female?

1905 September – Mr & Mrs Lukushima, E Lukushima, H Lukushima, U Lukushima, S. Osada arrive in Fremantle Australia from Capetown.

1905 October – Lukushima Troupe of Plucky Little Japanese in Australia with Bostock and Wombwell’s Great Show

To see the Lukushima troupe is to record a revelation in the art of acrobatism and artistic thrilling balancing. A diminutive looking Japanese balances a huge bamboo on his shoulder. Up this climbs an agile jap and performs feats at its summit usually associated with well-braced trapezes and bars. A little Jap. lady plays with a huge barrel on her feet, whirling it round, tumbling it in all directions as though it were the simple thing in the world, finally showing her contempt for this cleverness by placing the barrel on many boxes piled one above the other, and makiug the barrel even then do what she pleased. Into two bowls water is poured. These are placed in some hitches at the ends of a rope, and before the audience gathers the reason they are swung in all directions until the eye is bewildered with the cleverness of the performer.

The rope is steadied and the water shown to be still in the bowls. The triumph came with the thrilliugly marvellous manipulation of a diminutive Jap, who, climbing on the soles of the feet of the leader of the party, made them a platform for all manner of contortions and then, was tossed about as if an inanimate ball. Besides this there was some wonderfullv thrilling balancing on a tier of tables. (The Evening Star 10 Oct 1905, Boulder Western Australia)

1906 May – Lukushima Troupe in Argentina

1906 February – Miss Lukushima’s Slide for Life in Ballarat, Australia. Numbering 6.

1906 February – Lukushima Troupe performing in Hull, Britain.

1906 July – Mr & Mrs Lukushima, Mr E Lukushima, Mr K Lukushima, Mr H Lukushima, Mr Simpi Osada arrive in Melbourne from New Zealand as part of Bostock and Wombwell’s Circus.

1906 November – Mr T Lukushima (b 1866), Mrs T Lukushima (b 1864), Mr Y Lukushima (b 1881), Mr H Lukushima (b 1884), Master K Lukushima on the Yawata Maru from Sydney Australia to Japan.

1910 – Masao Lukushima born in Tendring, Essex

1911 – April census – Masao Lukushima at a boarding school in Clacton on Sea with Susan Lukushima b 1898 in France

June 1911 (5 persons)

1915 appeared several times in Britain to October 1917

1918 March and July in Britain