Tannaker’s Japanese (New Entertainment. Temple of Japan) 1873 – 1885

1873 March – Great Dragon Troupe more frequently advertised as “Tannaker’s Japanese”

1873 May – Advertisements above for Tannaker’s troupe performances in Norwich are based on the print by Utagawa Yoshiharu, originally designed to advertise the Hamaikari Troupe within Japan, then used by the Imperial Japanese Troupe to advertise their performances in Britain and the United States 1867-1870.

1873 June – advertisement in The Era for Japanese (Tannaker’s) Troupe. Address in Wardour Street, London. “Only troupe of real Japanese – beware of those advertising Japanese performances”

1873 July – perform in a new theatre/marquee in Alexandra Palace grounds, after Alexandra Palace burnt down in June

1873 August – in Jersey with Omotosan, Godison, Yasso, Torakitchi, Condertorro, Tommy the Wolf, Tommykichie

1873 September – advertisement in The Era ” JAPANESE (TANNAKER’S) LITTLE ALL RIGHT AND TOMMY THE WOLF TROUPE as well as Tannaker’s Great Dragon Troupe of Japanese. Tannaker has only two troupes of real Japanese in this country. Claims both names are registered and that Tannaker’s New Entertainment “will shortly arrive”

1874 Tannaker’s Japanese continue to tour. Advertisement in Era – “the only real and native performers” – on share, salary or rental

1875 Advertisement in The Era – Tannaker has Japanese Troupes in Russia, Ireland and England

1876 Advertisement in The Era – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe – 8 real natives of Japan and other artists, Little All Right, Tommy the Wolf. 12 males and 2 females.

1876 December – Stamford – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe – Condore Torra ladder trick. Three little boys and two youths.

1877 February – Bolton – “one of the performers, an interesting little girl, who appeared in a climbing feat as “Tommy, the Wolf” was said to have been born in Bolton 8 years ago” Bolton Evening News. (Tani Buhicrosan, daughter of Tannaker Buhicrosan)

1877 March – Huddersfield – “12 male and female performers” Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe

1877 Tannaker’s Japanese New Entertainment and Exhibition “will give to each person a present consisting of cabinets, tables, desks, fishing rods, and other articles all of Japanese manufacture”

1877 June – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe under the management of Mr J Peters left Liverpool for New York, will make a tour in the US and then go to Japan, Mr Peters returning to England next season with new Japanese talent

1877 July – Tannaker’s Japanese – in England, 13 in number, on the Continent 6 in number, 8 in number shortly appear in New York.

1877 December – Tannaker’s Japanese New Entertainment in Bristol Colston Hall – 11 male and female artists “far exceeding anything that has visited Bristol before” Christmas box and New Year’s gift to every patron present consisting of boxes, fans, Japanese tables, mechanical figures, spiders, paper umbrellas, large cabinets, china ware, fishing rods, silk balls and 100 other novelty donations, curiosities etc all of the handicraft of Japanese workmen, and made in Japan.

1878 March – “circus like procession through town” in Northampton

1878 April – Norwich: Tokedo, Tommeysaw, Hitchson-Kingkio, Shoesaukitchie and Cheasiekatchei. Condertorra 

1878 July – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe – 18 artistes Curzon Hall Birmingham “a new entertainment” “which surpassed, if possible, in daring, dexterity and ease all performances previously given. Mr. Tannaker has also secured the services of Leingi Senigo and Kajawaka Basuki, who are very clever Japanese priests.”

1878 November – Exeter – “It is some 6 years ago that one of these wonderfully clever troups visited this city, and the present party only includes two of those who then appeared”

1878 December – Tannaker’s New Troupe of Japanese – one troupe at Albert Hall, one troupe at the circus

1879 February – Swindon – Little Tommy Allright was balancing himself on top of a ladder which suddenly broke in two and he fell to the ground, a distance of upwards of 20 feet. No bones broken, and the little fellow was able to go through part of his performance the following evening.

1879 April – Dudley – Tannaker’s Troupe of Japanese – 13 in number. Yasson walks on rope and wire, also performs butterfly trick. Chonoskie, Tommysan, Kunimats. Yassokitchie balancing bricks. Senge Sengie walks barefooted up a ladder of Japanese swords.

1879 July – Several members of Tannaker’s Japanese troupe leave London for Japan, their time of engagement having expired. Mr Tannaker is now arranging for a new class of Japanese entertainment.

1879 July – Tannaker’s Temple of Japan in Manchester.

1880 October – Birmingham – Tannaker’s Temple of Japan “grand array of talent of 30 male and female artistes, performing horses, musical clowns”

1882 advertising – Tannaker’s Temple of Japan and Japanese Troupes -“having had 8 different troupes of Japanese in this and other countries” Established 15 years. Tannaker’s are the only real and original Japanese Entertainments.

1883 Tannaker’s Grand Japanese Entertaiinment