Maruichi Brothers 1899 – 1901

Mizuhara Gintarō and Kagami Sentarō

1899 May – the Tokio Marnichis in Burnley with Hamilton’s Excursions

1899 May – Maruichi Brothers in Sheffield with Royal English Circus, Sentarro and Gintarro, real native Japanese jugglers and top spinners

1900 June – Maruichi Brothers, court jugglers and top spinners, assisted by Sano, Japanese feet equilibrist – advertisement in The Era

1900 November – Maruichi Brothers – capital juggling and equilibristic act with Sano on silver wire.

The Japs seem to have a native bent for juggling, and Maruichi Brothers give an extremely clever act, in which, inter alia, one of them sets a heavy tub a-spinning at a great pace, and then balances it high in the air. The same performer shows prodigious power of wrist in the manipulation of a heavy stick of about the size of a quarter-staff. (Music Hall and Theatre Review, December 1900)

1901 April – Sentaro Maruichi performs for the Japan Society

1901 Sentarō returns to Japan