Kiraku Brothers 1926 – 1940

1913 – Toyokichi Kashikura arrives in Britain, aged 12, probably with the Hamamura Troupe

1921 April census – Toyokichi Kashikura b 1901 living with Lillie Jackson Blanchard, b 1900, Kamyiro Yashida (Kamejiro Yoshida) b 1896, Hira Lichi Fayer (Hirokichi Fujii) b 1900, all in employ of Mr Deguchi. 12 Albert Park, Bristol

Deguchi also registers Kashikura, Yoshida and Fujii as living with him in Blackpool.

1926 April – the Kiraku Brothers in some clever acrobatics – Holborn Empire

1926 July – Margaret Maeda, nee Blanchard, marries Hirokichi Fujii in Lambeth, London

1927 the Kiraku Brothers brought the art of Japan into their balancing act

1927 February – Three Kiraku Brothers sailed for South Africa

1927 June – Kiraku brothers return from South Africa

1927 November – Fujii, Yoshida and Kashikura depart for Buenos Aires

1928 – all three resident in Stockwell Park, London

1928 May – return from Buenos Aires

1928 July – Kiraku Brothers, described as the three modern Japanese wonders

1928 December – At the bottom of the bill are “The Three Kiraku Brothers,” a trio of Japanese acrobats who are clever and humorous. Tumbling and somersaults are their speciality, and the neatness and nonchalance with which they execute their “stunts” keeps interest throughout. Exeter Hippodrome

1929 November – Fujii, Yoshida, Kashikura sailed for South Africa

1930 March – Fujii, Yoshida, Kashikura return to Britain

1930 July – An unusually clever turn is that provided by the Kiraku Brothers, probably two of the cleverest acrobats seen in Coventry for some years. Lying on his back, one of the brothers uses his feet to carry out juggling tricks with his partner, who is turned into a human ball, being spun and twisted in midair in amazing fashion.

1931 April – the Kiraku Bros., two clever Japanese acrobats

1932 June – the very clever acrobatics of the Kiraku Brothers are enhanced by the air of Asiatic impassivity in which they are done.

1933 February – The Kiraku Brothers do not appear on the bill as “head liners”, but these Japanese acrobats were given a wonderful reception. The word acrobats does not adequately describe their class of entertainment, tor they are geniuses who seem to defy the law of gravity and the three dimensions. For instance, one of them lies on specially designed couch and, with feet and legs in the air, uses his partner in the way old-time acrobats used to juggle with gaily-painted barrel. This human barrel is gyrated at a dizzy speed, and a false move would send him crashing into the parterre. One of them did series of “standing somersaults” at a breathless pace, and another clever item was the moving across the stage in long-arm balance—“ walking on his hands ’’— at about the speed of rifleman’s quick-step. (Belfast)

1933 August – Kiraku Brothers are two Japanese of the modern school of acrobats.

1934 September – The famous Japanese Kiraku Bros. amaze all with their acrobatic dexterity, while the rare opportunity of seeing a Jap as a clever comedian is also given. (Bournmeouth)

1934 October – The Kiraku Brothers, those quaint Japanese acrobats, have discovered new and even more ingenious stunts since I last saw them

1935 January – Yoshida marries Violet Edna Lloyd in Lambeth

1935 February – Fujii and Yoshida sailed for Australia

1935 September – Fujii and Yoshida returned to Britain, c/o Variety Artists Federation, Charing Cross Road

1936 May – The Kiraku Brothers, Japanese acrobats, have been the stage since they were children, and in the last 26 years have appeared in 28 different countries and performed many times before Royalty (Sheffield)

1936 September – The Kiraku Brothers describe themselves as the happy Jappy chappies, or the East’s gift to the West (Hull)

1936 September – The Kiraku Brothers, who used each other for juggling purposes, gave a first-rate display of Japanese acrobatics (Aberdeen)

1936 November – The Kiraku Brothers, a skilful pair of Japanese athletes—they dislike to be called acrobats (Hastings)

1937 March -The Kiraku Brothers, two very skilful Japanese who, among a host of other tricks, do some amazing things with their feet. (Worthing)

1937 August – Aladdin pantomime at Leeds – Chinese policemen are to be played by two Japanese, the Kiraku Brothers, comedy equilibrists

1939 Register – Fujii in Rotherham as travelling music hall artiste, Yoshida also in Rotherham in different lodgings. Kashikura living in Lambeth, single, music hall artist. Violet Yoshida in Lambeth, 178 Stockwell Park Road with Mr & Mrs Torii, lampshade makers, Mr & Mrs Mizuta, music hall artists.

1940 October – last appearance as the Kiraku Brothers in Britain – Morecambe.

1940 November – Violet and Kamejiro Yoshida go to California, en route to Japan?

1941 9th December Fujii is interned

1942 June – Fujii’s appeal refused

1943 May – Fujii’s appeal refused

1946 Violet returns, without Kamejiro. Has been living in Japan during war.

1968 Fujii dies in London

1968 Kashikura dies in London

2000 Violet dies in London