1880 Japanese rice trade virtually halted as economic crisis caused Japanese government to restrict exports. Mitsui & Co‘s London office suffers losses

1880 Mitsui‘s London office starts to act as agent for Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance

1881 Japanese government sells Takashima mine to Mitsubishi

1881 Frederick Ringer starts Nagasaki waterworks project

1881 Japanese consulate in Bishopsgate closed due to financial problems, London sub branch of Yokohama Specie Bank takes over Japanese consulate offices at 83-84 Bishopsgate.

1881 April Census – Gingero and Annie, their children Sentaro and Annie, Motokichi, Asakichi and James Dubois in Newcastle. Torakichi lodging with his wife Alice in a boarding house in Nottingham with their three children. Binto Yasso (Yasokichi?), Shoesan, Edcho Yasso also in a boarding house in Nottingham.

1881 Tycoon Troupe of Real Japanese, Pongo the great Japanese man monkey – managed by Walter Brown.

1882 Japanese consulate reopens at 83-84 Bishopsgate

1882 Mitsui‘s London branch exports cotton spinning machines

1882-1885 – Matsukata deflation period in Japan

Japanese Army Headquarters in Tokyo 1883

1884 Oriental Bank which had been carrying out business in London for Japanese government goes into liquidation. Yokohama Specie Bank elevates its London agency to branch status.

1884 April – Holme Ringer & Co official appointment as Lloyd’s agent at Nagasaki.

1884 summer – Mitsubishi takes charge of Nagasaki government shipyard

1884 Tannaker visits Japan to recruit for the Japanese village.

1885 January – Tannaker’s Japanese Village opens in Albert Gate, Knightsbridge, London

1885 March – premiere of The Mikado

1885 May – Tannaker’s Japanese Village in London burns down

1885 October – Motto Kitchee solo “Japanese acrobat” in Manchester. Original Tycoon Japanese Rope and Wire Walker

1885 December – Tannaker’s Japanese Village in London reopens

1885 Tanabe Jiroichi becomes second general manager of Mitsui in London

Japanese tea rooms in Liverpool, 1886

1886 Tanabe Jiroichi returns to Japan due to illness. Watanabe Senjiro becomes new general manager of Mitsui in London

1886 Mitsui becomes agent for Platt Bros machines

1886 Holme, Ringer & Co become agents in Nagasaki for the Canadian Pacific Railway company and their new faster Western routes via sea and rail from Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama to London.

1886 March – Torikata Troupe appear in Britain – 8 strong troupe led by Torikata Kosakichi, who had been with the Matsui Gensui troupe who visited Britain in 1867.

1886 July – Tikitiro Mitsuta troupe of Japanese at Royal Cambridge Music Hall London. Risley act, trio.

1886 August – Japanese village in Glasgow, Shukichi Suzuki is manager and proprietor. Mitsutas appear there.

1886 – Monsieur and Madame Tannakear, Japanese acrobats with performing pigeons

1886 December – Otake Ruth Buhicrosan travels to Japan for first time in 20 years. “Of a private and family nature, but we believe she intends embracing the opportuinity to secure several novelties and natives for her husbad’s business”

1887 January – Tannaker sells off his interest in the London Japanese Village to the Japanese Village and Oriental Trading Company, owned by Marcus Samuel junior founder of Royal Dutch Shell

1887 April – Tycoon Gingero and his Marvellous Children

1887 April – M.P. Tarro/Mikado Tarro (Ichitaro) Japanese juggler solo performances

1887 May – Tannaker‘s Japanese Village opens in Saltaire for the Royal Yorkshire Jubilee Exhibition

1887 June – July – Japanese Village in London closes and Japanese Village and Oriental Trading Company goes into liquidation.

1887 October – some of the Japanese members of the London Japanese Village sue for money and return fares

1887 November – Tannaker‘s Japanese Village opens in Liverpool

1888 February – Tannaker‘s Japanese Village opens in Cheltenham

1888 April – Tannaker‘s Japanese Village opens in Nottingham

1888 April – Tycoon Japanese Trio in London

1889 May – Conda Torra (Torakichi) appears in Taunton with Commer/Coma Torra. Managed by Tannaker Buhicrosan.

1889 August – Original Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe will in future be known as the Great Mikado Troupe of Real Japanese.

1889 December – the Brothers Allright (only Tarros) with Will Sley as agent. Tarro and Yeddo.