John Gingero

1851/1853 – John Gingero born in Japan, possibly Osaka, according to British records. Father is “Kitchee Gingero” a carpenter.

1869 September – Thomas King’s Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe departs Japan. No record of Genjiro. Top spinner is Matsui Yoshigoro (Matsui Gensui XV), 36 years old, appearing as Oh Ra To or Oh Ra Jo. Tour Hong Kong, India, Germany.

1870 July – Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe arrives in London. The Tycoon’s private top spinner is Oh Ra Jo.

1871 May – Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe leaves Britain

1876 June – Bothers Moto and Assa, Gingero and Como Ketchy perform with Myers’ Hippodrome at the Crystal Palace London.

1876 November 5th – John Gingero marries Annie Hughes at St Paul’s Deptford, London. Aged 25, occupation “interpreter”

1876 November – “The Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe from the Crystal Palace” Gin Goro and Komo Ketchey in Edinburgh with bamboo perch and ladder act

1876 December – “The Royal Crystal Palace Tycoon Japanese Troupe” Gin Goro Jack, Fousah Ketchey, As Sa Ma Ki, Yama Moto, Moto Ketchie, Como Ketchey in Paisley

1877 January – Walter Brown takes over as agent of the troupe

1877 September – Son Contro/Centero/Centre/Sentaro born in Lancashire. John Gin Gero’s occupation is “Japanese professional”

1878 May – November – Exposition Universelle in Paris. Gingero later testifies that James Dubois performed the Man Monkey there with his troupe

1879 May-July – “Gingero’s great Tycoon troupe of Japanese” tour Britain

1879 summer – Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe in France

1880 March – Daughter Annie/Fuzzer born in Liverpool. John Gingero’s occupation is gymnast.

1880 April – Tycoon Japanese Troupe including Ginger and Nama Meichey in Paris

1880 October – December Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe in Riga, Russia.

1881 April census – John Gingero, Annie, Centero, Fuzzer at 59 Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, with Motokichi, Asakichi and James Dubois

1881 May – Gingero advertises himself as director of the Royal Tycoon Troupe (4 in number)

1882 March – Royal Tycoon Troupe of Japanese (4 in number) split with Walter Brown.

1882 October – John Assa born in Greenwich, London

1883 April – John Assa dies in Sheffield

1884 April – Great Tycoon Japanese Company with Gingero, Hosakitchee, Komakitchee.

1885 July – Annie born, and dies shortly after, in Lancaster

1887 Tycoon Gingero and His Marvellous Children, on the lofty perch and magic ladder (late of the Tycoon Japanese Troupe”

1888 Gingero and his Beautiful Children tour Britain

1889 April – John Gingero and family in Liverpool

1889 August – Ohomotto Sarah Ellen born in Birmingham, Gingero’s occupation is “Professional”

1890 January – The Original Royal Tycoon Troupe just concluded 3 month tour of Scotland. At liberty from February. Write to John Gingero, South Shields.

1890 August – The Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe (5 in number) after 12 weeks in Liverpool at liberty from September

1891 February – Will Sley is working with Gingero as manager and agent.

1891 April – census – John Ginger (40), Center (13), Lizzie (11) and Assa Kitchie. Annie (32) no occupation, Sarah (1) boarding with Edith Lawson in Liverpool. “Japanese troupe acrobats”

1891 August – Mons Gingero, juggler, Hull

1891 October – Gingero troupe of Japanese acrobats, Southport with Quinette’s Circus

1892 January – Tycoon Japanese Troupe at Ginnet’s Circus, Norwich Agricultural Hall

1895 February – Tycoon Japanese Troupe, Chatham

1895 March – Tycoon Japanese Troupe, Gilbert’s Circus, Norwich, with Tarrason, Belfast

1895 April – Tycoon Troupe, Japanese acrobats and balancers, Portsmouth

1895 May – Tycoon Japanese Wonders, Woolwich

1895 July – Tycoon Troupe of Japanese jugglers – London

1895 August – Tycoon Troupe of Japanese Isle of Man

1895 October – Tycoon Japanese trio – Royal Aquarium, London. Chatham

1895 December – Tycoon Troupe/Trio, Sheffield

1896 January – Tycoon Japanese Trio, Newcastle, Glasgow

1896 February – famous Tycoon Troupe – Edinburgh

1896 April – Tycoon Japanese Trio – Plymouth

1896 May – Tycoon Troupe of Japanese Jugglers – Hammersmith

1896 June – July – The Tycoon Japanese Troupe of Oriental Oddities – Sadlers Wells, The Oxford

1896 October – November – Gingero’s Tycoon Japs in Wales

1897 November – Tycoon Japs – Birmingham

1899 October – Mr Gingero departs Southampton for Colombo, Sri Lanka

1900 Fuzzer marries Percy Austin, a 33 year old photographer and widower with 4 children, in Leeds. Gingero is described as a juggler (deceased)

1904 Fuzzer dies of gastroenteritis in Morecambe

1905 Gingero’s performing bulls, sheep and goats at Scarborough Hippodrome