Kondo Yasokichi

1853-6 born in Tokyo

1869 May – Yarra/Tassa performs as “Brothers” with Torra in Portsmouth, England with the Great Dragon Troupe. Act consists of gymnastic exercises, tumbling with a naked Japanese sword in their mouths.

1869 August – Torra and Tassa “gymnastic exercises” in Nottingham with Great Dragon Troupe

1869 December – Torra and Tassa gymnastic exercises in Dublin

The Great Dragon Troupe in around 1867-9. Yasokichi seated bottom left? The writing says: Hasegawa Harukichi, Hasegawa Kanekichi, Kagami Godayuu, Hotaka Kinjiro, Kondo Yasokichi, Kondo Fudekichi, Ogawa Mankichi, Ogawa Torakichi, Omoto, Oiye, Hotaka Joji? Director (Pernille Rudlin’s private collection)
Great Dragon Troupe in Perth, Scotland, November 1870, Dr Robert H Sayers Collection. Kondo Fudekichi (standing at the furthest right), Kondo Yasokichi (possibly second from left standing), Ogawa Torakichi seated in the middle dressed as a woman), Hasegawa Harukichi (seated on right?), Hasegawa Kanekichi (one of the children),

1870 January 6th – “The gymnastic performances of the brothers Torra and Tassa exhibit extraordinary acrobatic ability, and some daring contortions of the body are executed while the lads hold sharp swords in their mouths, or have their bodies suspended over them.” Irish Times

1871 February – Great Dragon Troupe taken over by Tannaker Buhicrosan

1871 February – March – Great Japanese Troupe/Japanese Tycoon Dragon Troupe in Oxford, Banbury, Buckingham with Yasso

1871 April – Kondo Yassokitchi aged 18 staying in a Luton boarding house with Kondo Torrokitchi aged 13, Kondo Fudekichi aged 35, Hasegawa Harukichi aged 38, Hasegawa Tomikichi aged 11, Kagami Godayu aged 27, Kagami Katsugoro aged 45, Ogawa Torakichi aged 18, Frederick Blekman and Omoto.

1871 June – Yasso and Torakitchi touring Kent and Gloucestershire as part of 12-14 strong Tycoon Dragon Troupe

1871 September – Yasso and Torrakitchi with the Japanese Troupe in Folkestone

1871 December Yasso with Japanese Troupe in Gloucester

1872 April – Yasso with Great Dragon Tycoon Japanese Troupe in Bradford

1872 June – Yasso with Japanese Troupe in Chesterfield

1872 October – Yasso with Tannaker’s Great Dragon Troupe in Bath

Ipswich, May? 1873. Yasokichi possibly second from left, standing.

1873 June – Yasso with Tannaker’s Great Japanese Troupe in Halesworth

1873 August – Yasso and Torakitschi bending and somersaulting, in Jersey, with Tannaker’s troupe

1873 December – Yasso with Tannaker Buhicrosan Original Japanese Troupe in Bradford and Manchester

1874 January – Yasso and Torrakitsche “Peculars, Postures and Acrobats” in Manchester with Tannaker’s troupe

1874 February – Yasso in Tannaker’s Troupe of Real Japanese in Lancaster

1874 October – Yasso in Tannaker’s Little All Right and Tommy the Wolf troupe in Leicester

1876 August – marries Emma Corbett in Walsall. Yasokichi is 21, occupation “Professional”, father Yasso Kitchie a carpenter. Emma is 23, daughter of a farm labourer who was working as a servant to a widow living in Walsall. Witnesses were Napoleon Bird a vocalist and pianist with Tannaker’s Japanese and his wife Elizabeth.

1877 June – Yasokichi and Emma’s daughter Rose Emma Yasso born in Darlington

1878 December – Yasokichi and Emma’s second daughter Sarah Edith Kichie born in Portsea Island, Hampshire

1879 April – Dudley Tannaker’s Troupe of Japanese – “Yassokitchie is most dexterous in his manipulation of several large bricks — he balances, catches, throws them, and makes them assume all kinds of shapes and devices.” Dudley Herald

1880 December – Yasokichi and Emma’s third daughter Martha Elizabeth Yaso-Kitcite born in Wolverhampton

1881 April – census – Yasokichi may have been Binto Yasso aged 27 in a boarding house in Nottingham with Edcho Yasso and Shoesan. No sign of Emma and the children.

1881 December – Yassoukitchu on tour with Condo Torra/Torakichi in Tannaker’s Japanese in Cheltenham

1882 March – in Yarmouth with Tannaker’s Japanese as Yassoukitchu

1882 April – in Norwich

1882 December – Yasokichi and Emma’s fourth daughter Motto Laura Matilda Kitchie born in Norwich

1884 February – Laura baptised at St Martin at Palace Plain in Norwich

1885 January – Tannaker’s Japanese Village in London opens

1885 May – Tannaker’s Japanese Village burns down

1885 May – Yasokichi and Emma’s fifth daughter Mary Otanney Kitchie born in Nottingham

1885 December – Tannaker’s Japanese Village reopens

1886 April – Kierth/Kierk Yasso is a witness in the trial for arson of a Japanese confectioner who was a resident of the Japanese Village

1887 August – Yassan – “whose performance as a block manipulator was so well known at the Japanese Village in London” at a Japanese Village in Blackpool, with Torakichi/Condo Torra

1890 Yasokichi and Emma’s first son and sixth child Charles Yasso born in Birmingham

1890 April – Yasokichi arrested in Manchester for deserting his wife and children who remained in Birmingham and had to resort to the workhouse. Described as Yass’o Kitchie, aged 35, a Chinese juggler.

1890 July – Charles Yasso christened at St Peter’s Coventry. Yasokichi is John Yasso.

1890 August – Yasso Kitchie a Japanese juggler and wire walker charged with deserting his wife and 4 children from 28th February to 5th May 1890. Arrested at a public house in Dudley where he was working as a potman. Sentenced to 1 month in prison at Birmingham police court.

1890 December – Yasso the marvellous juggler with Wombwell’s and Bailey’s Menagerie, touring Leeds and Barnsley

1891 April – census – Emma head of household, in Walsall, aged 37, working as a charwoman, Sarah aged 12, Motto aged 8, Fanny aged 6 and Charles aged 1. Rose Emma, the oldest child, is in service to a family in Withington, Lancashire, aged 14. No sign of Martha Elizabeth or Yasokichi.

1891 April – May – Yasso “the marvellous Japanese juggler and equilibrist” at the Circus of Varieties in Hartlepool and Workington.

1891 May – Charles dies at 15 months old in Walsall

1891 June – Yasso in Penrith. No further record of him in the British press

1898 Rose Emma marries Henry George Perrins an equipment maker and saddler from Walsall, at the age of 21.

1899-1900 a Yesokichi, rope walker, appears in Sheffield, Barrow in Furness, Portsmouth with Mdlle Tamamoto and Kiyokichi/Chiyokichi

1901 April – census – Keitchie Yasso, a painter, aged 45, living at 4 Green Lane, Walsall with Emma, charwoman, daughters Elizabeth, laundress aged 20, Mary, laundress aged 15.

1901 April – census – Rose Emma, oldest daughter of Yasokichi and Emma is living with Henry Perrins in Lambeth

1901 April – census – no sign of Sarah Edith or Laura Matilda/Motto

1901 October – Frank Henry is born of Rose Emma and Henry Perrins in Brixton/Lambeth

1905 September – Laura/Motto marries Rintaro Hida, under the name Moto Yasso, in Brentford, Essex. Rintaro Hida was a Japanese Chancellor with the embassy.

1906 May – Moto and Rintaro’s first child, Hazel Hida, is born in Walsall. Rintaro is described as a Japanese Police Magistrate

1908 – Moto and Rintaro’s second child, Kine is born in Clapton, London.

1909 – Rose Emma and Henry’s second child, Tani Doris, is born in Lambeth/Brixton

1910 – Moto and Rintaro’s third child, Denis is born, dies four months later, in Clapton.

1911 January – Ernest Frederick, third child of Rose Emma and Henry Perrins is born Lambeth/Brixton

1911 April – census – Hazel staying with her aunts Martha Elizabeth Yasso and Rose Emma Perrins at Rose and Henry’s house in Lambeth. No record of Rintaro, Moto or Kine. Yasso Kitchie living at 42 Farringdon Street Walsall, aged 55, working as a paperhanger, with Emma, working as a charwoman, aged 59

1911 April – census – Sarah Edith, second daughter of Yasokichi and Emma, is a servant in Hampshire.

1911 April – census – Mary Otani, fourth daughter of Yasokichi and Emma, is a visitor, occupation laundress, in Walsall.

1911 April – census – no sign of Laura Matilda/Moto Hida

1918 Yasokichi and Emma’s third daughter Martha Elizabeth has a child, Geoffrey Yasso, John Hastings is the father. Martha is going by the name of Hana.

1919 April – Yasokichi’s wife Emma dies in Walsall aged 66

1920 October – Kitchie Yaso dies at the age of 65 of a cerebral haemorrhage at 269 Green Lane, Walsall. Occupation – journeyman house painter. Daughter Mary in attendance. Effects were £59 14s (around £2,500 in today’s value). Administration of his will to Sarah Edith Yasso, spinster.

1921 census – Rose Emma is living in Lambeth with Henry, gives her nationality as Japanese, and “born at sea”, her occupation is professional dresser at the London Hippodrome for W(h)ylie & Tate. Eldest son Frank is a pianist at the Golden Domes Cinema in Camberwell. Tani and Ernest are also living with them, going to school.

1921 census – Martha Elizabeth, going by the name of Hana Hastings, is living in Lambeth “widow” with her son Geoffrey.

1921 census – no sign of Laura Matilda/Moto Hida or Sarah Edith or Mary Otani

1924 Yasokichi’s grandson Frank, son of Rose Emma and Henry, dies, aged 23.

1931 Yasokoichi’s granddaughter, Hazel, daughter of Moto Hida and Rintaro, dies aged 25.

1935-9 Laura Matilda as Moto Hida is living in Stepney

1936 Ernest Frederick, son of Rose Emma and Henry Perrins, marries Adelaide Trafford

1937 Kine, Yasokichi’s granddaughter, daughter of Moto Hida and Rintaro, marries Francis Herzog, commercial traveller and clerk.

1939 Register – Rose Emma is living in St Michael’s Free Home for Consumptives in Axbridge, Somerset, under the name of Chickie R.E. Perrins, occupation given as theatrical dresser.

Yasokichi’s grand daughter Tani Doris, daughter of Henry and Rose Emma is living with Henry as single woman, with two children David aged 2 and Ronald a few months’ old.

Sarah Edith is a servant, aged 60, single, in Warwickshire.

Martha Elizabeth is Hannah Hastings, widowed, manageress of a dairy, living at 98 Paulet Road, Lambeth with her son Geoffrey, aged 21, cinema operator

Mary is living in Walsall as Mary Otanisan Yaso, a warehouse assistant, single

No sign of Laura Matilda/Moto Hida in register, but is on electoral roll as living in Stepney

1945 Martha Elizabeth dies as Hannah E Hastings

1945 Ernest Frederick Perrins, son of Rose Emma and Henry Perrins, dies aged 34.

1948 Laura Matilda dies as Moto Hida

1958 Mary dies as Mary O Yaso

1960 Rose Emma dies, as Chickie Perrins.

1962 Sarah Edith dies.