Nishi(h)ama (Matsui) Troupe 1901 – 1904

Miyaoka says is Nishihama Usaburo 卯三郎, and Ichitarou

1900 Nishihama-Matzui Imperial Japanese Troupe in Paris – clever human juggling act.

1901 March – May Empire Theatre, London then tour. The Nishiama Troupe of Japanese jugglers appear to have supernatural powers of balance, their performance is wonderful.

1901 April – performed with the Fukushima Troupe and Maruichi Sentaro for the Japan Society. Top spinning, umbrella dance, ball and sticks

1901 April census – Usaburo Nishihama aged 36, theatrical artiste, Chiyo his wife aged 30, Ichi his son aged 25, Sukeguro Matsui Boarder aged 34, Jonosuke Aoyama aged 23

“Nishihama Matsui Troupe are Japanese jugglers and equilibrists. They introduce a number of special features in the way of juggling, several of which we do not remember to have seen before and are quite “Japanese.” Their properties and costume are not the least attractive part of their altogether clever and daring performance, and worthy of special mention is the little boy who for pluck and skill would be hard to match. He stands on his head in a basket on top of a pole which nearly reaches the flies, and the ease with which he accomplishes it is wonderful.” The Stage, 17 April 1902

1902 July – November Nishiama Matsui Troupe – Leeds, then London, then British tour. Risley acrobats and jugglers.

1903 February – March Nishihama troupe – Empire Theatre London

1904 April – Nishihama Matsui Troupe – Empire, Sheffield.