Japanese troupes in Norfolk

1869 August – Risley’s Imperial Japanese Troupe at Regent’s Hall, Great Yarmouth

1869 December – Tannaker’s Japanese Tycoon Troupe in Norwich, St Andrew’s Hall “We fear the visit was not very successful as a speculation.”

Norfolk Chronicle 11 December 1869

1871 March – Royal Tycoon Dragon Troupe at Regent’s Hall, Great Yarmouth. Benefit for bereaved orphans. Torasan, Harrosan, Little All Right

1873 May – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe in Norwich New Victoria Hall

1873 June – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe at Dix’s Land, Unthanks’ Road for the People’s Fete. Little Boy All Right, Tommy the Wolf, Otakesan, Omotersan, Torrakitchie, Otanny, Yasso, Godia

1878 April – May – Tannaker’s Japanese at Victoria Hall, Norwich (became Theatre de Luxe in 1910), with Torakichi, Shoesan/Shoesaukitchie, Cheasiekatchei, Tokedo, Tommeysaw, Hitchson-Kingkio, Condertorra. Each member of the audience received one article from tables, writing desks, workboxes, tea caddies, trays, vases, cigar cases, antique ornaments, fancy work in Japanese straw, fans, umbrellas, fishing rods.

1881 December – Royal Tycoon Troupe (Gingero, Motokichi, Asakichi, James Dubois, Annie Gingero) at Great Yarmouth – engaged from Amsterdam at enormous expense. George Pinder‘s circus on Victoria Road. 5 in number. Balancing, rope walking

1882 February – March – Tannaker’s Japanese in Great Yarmouth, circus building. Attend St Peter’s Church in Great Yarmouth. Tannaker offered to pay train fares of children to attend Yarmouth show from Rollesby workhouse. Condo Torra, Yassoukitchu, Shoesan, Kinko, Tokedo, Tomigkatchie, Mankatchie

1882 April – Tannaker’s Temple of Japan in Victoria Hall, Norwich, took the troupe to Norwich workhouse.

1882 December – Motto Laura Matilda Kitchie born to Yasokichi and Emma in Norwich.

1884 February – Motto Laura baptised at St Martin at Palace Plain, Norwich.

1885 August – Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe at Great Yarmouth Royal Aquarium – 6 in number.

1889 July – Yokohama Brothers (not actually Japanese) trapeze at Great Yarmouth, Tayleur’s American Circus

1890 May – Yokohama Troupe (not actually Japanese) at Oddfellows and Forester’s Fete, Christchurch Park, Ipswich

1890 January – Condo the Japanese and Little All Right at George Ginnett’s Circus, Norwich

Ginnett’s CIrcus

1891 December – Ninero Tycoon Japanese Troupe at Ginnett’s Circus, Agricultural Hall, Norwich (probably Gingero’s Royal Tycoon Japanese Troupe)

1892 January – The Royal Tycoon Japanese at Ginnett’s Circus, Agricultural Hall, Norwich

1892 October – The Condos and Little All Right with Poole’s Myriorama, Victoria Hall, Norwich

1895 March – The Tycoon Japanese Troupe – Tarrason, his terrific slide from the roof to the ground. Gilbert’s Modern Circus, Agricultural Hall, Norwich.

1896 December – January 1897 – The Great Japanese Troupe, the six Yokohamas (not actually Japanese), Jugglers and balancers, Gilbert’s Modern Circus, Agricultural Hall Norwich.

Gilbert’s Circus

1897 November – The Great Mitsuta Troupe – Yarmouth Aquarium. 3 jugglers, equilibrists

1898 September – Norwich Takezawa troupe with Barnum & Bailey

1899 December – Andos Japanese Troupe with Gilbert’s Modern Circus, Norwich. Juggling and balancing, Little All Right ladder balancing, pole balancing and rope walking and sliding. Matsu Moto’s slide for life.

1900 December – Gilbert’s circus, Norwich – Mazawatte Japanese juggler

1901 April – Shukitchie Suzucki at 57 George Street, Great Yarmouth. Aged 44, importer of Japanese goods, shopkeeper. Margaret, his wife, born in Edinburgh. Gongero Shibata aged 24, salesman, fancy and Japanese goods assistant, born in Japan.

1901 December – Suzucki, importer of Japanese and Chinese goods at 57 George Street Yarmouth and 85 London Road, Lowestoft. Japanese toys for Christmas presents. Satsma ware, Kaga ware, Bishu ware, lacquer ware, silk embroideries, inlaid ivory panels, screens.

1903 February – The Okabas, Gilbert’s Circus, 7 in number, Norwich

1903 March 14 – Kiyoshi Hata of the Okabe troupe, dies aged 12 from meningitis, in Norwich. Buried in Earlham Road Cemetery.

Kiyoshi Hata’s grave in Earlham Road Cemetery, Norwich

1903 June – July – Lukushima Troupe of Japanese equilibrists and jugglers, Otoro San, at New Britannia Pier & Pavilion, Great Yarmouth

1903 August – auction in Great Yarmouth, sale of stock of Mr S Suzucki

1903 September – Akimoto‘s Royal Yedo Troupe at Norwich Hippodrome, 6 in number.

1904 March – The Lukushima Japanese Troupe and Otora San, Hippodrome, Norwich

1904 May – The Arsakusa Troupe of mid-air Japanese Wonders, Yarmouth Hippodrome

1904 August – The marvellous Tokio Troupe of Japanese – life in Japan

Hippodrome, Norwich (opened as Grand Opera House in 1903)

1904 October – the Two Mitsutas, Yarmouth Hippodrome, feet equilibrists direct from Tokio – Poole’s Myriorama

Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth (built 1903)

1904 George Tadda has a business on Great Yarmouth’s Britannia Pier. Sets up a collection for widows and orphans in Japan of Sino-Japanese war.

1905 March – Akimotos – 3 males and a female at Norwich Hippodrome – balancing, perche

1905 April – Togo, Japanese Juggler, Great Yarmouth Hippodrome

1906 April – Akimotos, Royal Yeddo Japanese Troupe, Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth

1906 July – Tomamoto (Tamamoto), Yarmouth, perpendicular tightrope

1906 December – A Fete in Tokio at the Yarmouth Hippodrome. Kyoto a marvellous Japanese contortionist and comedian, Lukushima troupe.

1906 December – Omoyo (daughter of Murakami Kumakichi) and Professor Frank Long demonstrate Ju Jitsu at the Norwich Hippodrome and give Ipswich police a lesson

1907 June – The Banzai Troupe, famous Japanese entertainers, including Togo, the marvellous little Jap, Yarmouth Hippodrome

1907 August – Lukushima Troupe at Yarmouth Hippodrome

1907 October – Morimura – Norwich Hippodrome – Some mystifying conjuring is done by Morimura, assisted by a Japanese lady. Morimura succeeds producing from apparently nowhere host of things ranging from coloured handkerchiefs to live pigeon. (Eastern Daily Press)

1908 February – Akimoto Troupe at Yarmouth Hippodrome

1908 September – The Royal Japanese Troupe, Yarmouth Hippodrome (could be Akimoto)

1909 March – Andos Troupe – 7 or 8 members, juggler, juvenile balancer and bender, a strong man, one little girl on a bicycle. Norwich Hippodrome

1909 December – Yamamoto and Koyoshi – Norwich Hippodrome

1909 December – Morimura – the celebrated Japanese Illusionist – Yarmouth Hippodrome

1913 October – Yamamoto and Koyoshi – Theatre Royal, Great Yarmouth

1916 September – Royal Tokiwa Family – little Matsu and Masu. Regent Theatre, Great Yarmouth.

1919 February – Esa Japanese Trio, Regent Theatre, Yarmouth, slide for life, three ladders

1919 December – Soga Trio, Regent Theatre, Yarmouth

1920 March – Okayama troupe of real japanese, Regent Theatre, Yarmouth

1920 September – Royal Tokiwa Family – Broncho Bill’s Circus, Great Yarmouth

1921 March – Esa Japanese Trio – Regent Theatre, Yarmouth – presenting their unique balancing act

1923 September – Deguchi Troupe – Great Yarmouth Hippodrome

1924 April – Soga Trio, Regent Theatre, Yarmouth

1924 great Royal Mizuno Troupe of Japanese Wonders appeared with Broncho Bill’s Circus – Yarmouth, Norwich

1926 October – Kiraku Brothers, modern Japanese wonders, Regent Theatre, Great Yarmouth

1927 Yamamoto and Miss Koyoshi at Regent Theatre, Great Yarmouth

1927 Mizuno Troupe with Broncho Bill’s Circus – King’s Lynn

1937 Masu and Yuri at the Union Cinemas Regal, Great Yarmouth. Celebrated stage act of juggling and pole balancing.