Kondo Torakichi

1856-1858 born in Tokyo

1867 June – may have been the younger Tora keet chee in the Baldwin & Gilbert Great Dragon Troupe, #94 in the Kanagawa passport records

1869 May have been “Torra” of brothers Torra and Tassa that performed tumbling with swords in their mouths with Great Dragon Troupe in Britain.

late 1860s – in the Great Dragon Troupe photo below – possibly seated on the ground in the middle.

Great Dragon Troupe in Perth, Scotland, November 1870, Dr Robert H Sayers Collection. Kondo Fudekichi (standing at the furthest right), Kondo Yasokichi second from left standing), Ogawa Torakichi seated in the middle dressed as a woman), Hasegawa Harukichi (seated on right?), Hasegawa Kanekichi (one of the children).

1871 April – census Kondo Torrakitchi aged 13, Luton boarding house with other members of Great Dragon Troupe, after the merger with Tannaker‘s troupe.

1871 June – Torakitchi and Yaso touring Kent, Gloucestershire performing “peculiar posturing”

1873 May – Torrakitsche performing a block piling act. Condertorro balancing and revolving heavy screen weights and paper screens. Norwich

Great Dragon Troupe in May 1873

1873 August – Torrakitschi bending and somersaulting with Yasso. Condertorro balancing and revolving heavy weights on his feet. Torakitschi block piling and balancing. Jersey

1873 August 17 – Torakichi marries Alice Maud Daniels in Guernsey. Torakichi is 18, Alice 19 – daughter of Thomas Daniels, a stableman (deceased) and Caroline, a charwoman living in Marylebone, London.

1874 January – Peculars, Postures and Acrobats with Yasso

1874 January – paper screen performance on soles of feet Condertorro with Tannaker’s original Japanese troupe, Manchester

1875 July – daughter Oalbudersan (Alice) Torra born in London

1876 July – son Condo Thomas Torra born in London

1876 December – Condor Torra in Stamford with Tannaker’s Japanese troupe, performing a ladder trick

1878 January – son Tannaker Torra born and dies in infancy

1878 April – Condertorra in Tannaker’s Japanese

1879 January – son Meanersan Commer Torra born in London

1879 March – Condertorra balancing screens on feet in Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe

1881 April – census in boarding house in Nottingham, where Tannaker’s troupe was performing. Thomas C Torra aged 25 with Alice (cashier), Oalbudersan 5, Condo Thomas Torra 4, Commer 2.

1881 July – Oalbuderson and Condo Thomas Torra baptised in Birkenhead

1881 December – Condo Torra in Cheltenham with Tannaker’s Japanese

1882 March – Condo Torra in Yarmouth with Tannaker’s Japanese

1882 June – son Condo Thomas Torra dies aged 6

1883 October 1 – daughter Una Torra born in Scotland

1885 Tannaker’s Japanese Village opens in Knightsbridge

1885 April – daughter Nellie Osato born in London

1886 June – Una May and Nellie Osato baptised at St Mary’s Lewisham. Condo Thomas Torra is described as a shopkeeper. Address 3 Felix Place/Terrace, Knightsbridge.

1887 August – Conda-Torra tub spinning at Tannaker’s Japanese village in Blackpool

1889 May – Conda Torra in Taunton with his son as the “Great Condo and son”, still being managed by Tannaker Buhicrosan

1889 May 24 – daughter May born in Lewisham, London

1890 – Condo and Son/Condo the Japanese and Little Allright tour Britain, appear at the Folies Bergeres in Paris and Edinburgh International Exhibition

1891 – Condo and Son Real Japanese Marvellous Feet Balancers – Great Tub Feat, Ladder Balancing, Paper Frame Act, Barrel Kicking by Little Condo, assisted by Okamisan.

1891 April – census – Oalbudersan/Alice, Una, Nellie and May living with Alice’s mother Caroline Daniels at 23 Western Road, Wood Green, London.

1892 With Poole’s Myriorama and Culeen’s Circus

1893 Ginnett’s Circus, Mexican Circus in Ireland, Royal Aquarium London

1894 The Condos tour Britain as two Japanese jugglers accompanied by a female assistant

1896 The Condos are 4, with little Miss Una on the big tub. Are represented by Will Sley

1896 Condos Japanese wonders in Blackpool

1897 February – Three Condos

1897 April – son Claude born

1898 September – son Claude dies

1900-1 The Condos and graceful Miss Una tour

1901 April – census Thomas Condo foot equilibrist aged 43, Coma Condo, juggler, Una Condo, foot equilibrist at boarding house in Sunderland. Alice living with her daughter Alice in Wood Green. Gives her occupation as music hall artiste.

1901 June – Alice dies at the age of 46

1901 July – Condos and Una at the Royal Aquarium

1903 Three Condos

1905 May – Una marries Thomas Barger Andrews, music hall artist. Condo Thomas Torra’s occupation is Music Hall Artist.

1905 Coma “up to date Anglo-Japanese juggler” with Poole’s troupe

1908 Coma juggler and equilibrist in Dublin

1911 April – census daughters Nellie Osato and May in Wood Green with daughter Alice and her husband and family. No record for Condo Thomas Torra or Coma

1914 Nellie Osato dies aged 29

1925 July 29th – Kondo Torakichi dies in Manchester (Tora Kondo) aged 69