Mikado Troupe 1915 – 1917

1915 October – Mikado Troupe of Japanese artistes – Northampton

1915 November – The explanation of how an accident resulting in the death of a Japanese artist happened at Chester Royalty Theatre was told to the Chester Coroner on 2nd inst. The man was Ishizo Ishimura, aged 23, of Stockwell-road, London, and he was one of the Mikado troupe of acrobats. The evidence showed that one member of the troupe lay on the stage in a cradle, and Ishimura, balancing on his upturned feet, turned a somersault and alighted on the feet of another artist, also lying in a cradle. In taking another somersault to reach the stage he was too quick in ” taking off,” and fell to the stage. The doctor said he had died from a broken neck. Had the man not been very carefully moved and everything done for him he would have died on the stage. It was really a wonder he survived the journey to the Infirmary. A verdict of accidental death was returned (London and China Telegraph 6 December 1915)

Yasago Hamamura, another member of the Mikado Troupe, said he had left Japan 13 years ago and had performed in England and Europe since. Another member of the Mikado Troupe was Yasagiro Fuginoto.

Last performance in Britain in October 1917