1843 – born in Edo, Japan. Possibly the daughter of Masukagami Isokichi.

1861? – meets Frederik Blekman

1862 – has a daughter by Frederik Blekman

1864 February – travels to France with Blekman on the Ikeda mission.

1864 May – Travels to London with Blekman, staying at the Cataldi Hotel in Dover Street, Piccadilly.

1864 June-July – returns to Japan

1867 April – Moto/茂登 in the Baldwin & Gilbert passport records for their section of the Great Dragon Troupe, to tour the USA and then France for 1 year. The troupe is said in press advertisements to be from Osaka.

1867 May – Tomo/登茂, daughter of Isokichi of Yokohama, the leader and daikagura exponent in the Lenton & Smith section of the Great Dragon Troupe’s passport records. 1 year passport for 9 performers to tour Hong Kong, Philippines, Java, Singapore, Penang and Calcutta. Isokichi and Mitaro’s passports are only for 1 month. Contract with troupe is for two years.

1867 June – Baldwin & Gilbert section arrive in San Francisco

1867 June – “O-motu-san, the first native Female Dancer who has been permitted to leave Japan” in the combined Great Dragon Troupe in San Francisco, also Ese-kitche-no-kawee – probably Isokichi – is in the troupe.

Gives up daughter to the guardianship of George F. Parsons “a well known newspaper man” in San Francisco. “The little daughter of the best looking female connected with the Japanese Troupe now performing in this city. The little girl is about 5 years of age, quite as white as the majority of children of pure Caucasian parentage and very intelligent for her age. The mother appeared in the Probate Court in full Japanse costume, creating quite a sensation. She appears to be deeply attached to the chld, but freely gave her consent to the adoption of the little one by Mr and Mrs Parsons, desiring to have it brought up in the American style and the Christian faith.” (Daily Alta California).

San Francisco News Letter – “She had sold her daughter, and made her pile” noting that the mother wanted to kiss the happy father at law as she left on the steamer, for New York.

1867 July – is interviewed in New York as Oniota with Blekman by the Commercial Advertiser. Is said to have three children.

1867 August – Omoto arrives in Dublin with the Great Dragon Troupe with Blekman. Tours Britain.

1867 October – Great Dragon Troupe leave Britain – Baldwin & Gilbert section tour Europe, Lenton & Smith section tour Asia.

1867 December – combined Great Dragon Troupe arrive in Australia. Omato/Omoto is said to be the daughter of Isokichi, the leader of the troupe, and married to Mitaro, the “curious tiger polambulant”. No mention of Blekman.

1868 July – Omato/Omoto gives birth to a baby boy Ivanim/Iranim on board the Penola, during the troupe’s passage to Adelaide. His birth is recorded under the name of Penola Inimee Metaro in Australia.

1869 February – Great Dragon Troupe finish tour of Australasia.

1869 May – Great Dragon Troupe reappear in Britain. “Specimens of Japanese “music” by Oide and Omotu, Mlle Omotu on the slack wire”

1869 August – Great Dragon Troupe in Paris

1869 August – Northampton, Nottingham. “A lady who is called Mdlle Omotu – why mademoiselle is not apparent – performs on a wire in the manner of a tightrope artiste, with singular grace and dexterity, using a parasol apparently in place of a balancing pole” then plays music with Oide.

1869 September – Thomas King’s Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe passport records for three years’ in Hong Kong have Moto/茂登 aged 38, from Asakusa, Isojiro’s shop/house, her daughter Sawa aged 18, son Kinjuro aged 8, along with Isokichi aged 52, from Yokohama.

1870 January – last mention of Omotu, in Dublin, with the Great Dragon Troupe

1870 July – Royal Tycoon’s Private Troupe in Britain, but the three women, Moto, Fusa and Mitsu are not mentioned in billings.

1869? photo of the Great Dragon Troup includes Omoto – possibly the left of the two women?

1871 April – census – Omoto Blekman aged 29, married, is in a lodging house in Luton with Blekman and other members of the Great Dragon Troupe, including Godayū. No sign of Ivanim.

1871 December – birth of son with Godayū

1872 December – Miss Omotosan ascends a slack rope at 45 degrees – Exeter

1873 February – son dies in Sunderland, buried as Little Godie at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery. Japanese prayers recited by Omoto. “Here lies little Godie, who died on the 21st of February, 1873, the son of Omoterson and Godie, native of Japan, and member of Tannaker’s Japanese.”

1873 May – “Miss Omotosan performs with ease the most astounding feats on the slack wire and moreover ascends and descends, either backwards or forwards, a slanting slack rope at an angle of 45 degrees”. Norwich

Great Dragon Troupe in Ipswich, 1873. Omoto is probably the woman seated in the middle.

1873 August – “Miss Omotosan, walking turning lying swinging on a telegraphic wire” Jersey.

1874 January – birth of daughter Minnie/Omeni in Manchester. Omotosan performing.

1874 September – Miss Omotersan “devoted her abilities to wire and rope performance. On the former she exceeds anything of the kind we have seen, but, in the slanting rope she excels all, at an angle of 45 degrees – according to the programme, without no other balancing article than a Japanese umbrella…Our penchant is not to flatter, but we cannot refrain from remarking the very taking appearance of Miss Omotersan” Nottingham

1875? – moves to the Continent with Godayū

1878 – birth of daughter Ohana in Denmark – adopted by a Danish family a year or so later.

1880 birth of daughter Take Kagami in Denmark

1882 birth of daughter Kame Kagami in Italy

1890 Godayou’s Troupe performing in Paris

1891 moves to Australia with Godayū and daughters.

1891 December – to Hobart from Plymouth via Cap Town, Mr & Mrs Godayou “family 4” and Mr Sadee Kitchie

1891 December – First appearance of Godayou’s Tokio troupe at the Gaiety, Melbourne

1892 June -July – Children Mine, Take, Kame and Godayū perform as the Godayou troupe at the Bondi Aquarium Theatre.

1893 January – Great Godayou Troupe at Bondi Aquarium Theatre – Minnie Godayou, Komi Godayou, Omato Kagami, Kawai Tomoi, Kati Talo, Matz Goro, Kawai Sada, Kagami Godayou.

1894 November – Mr & Mrs K Godayou (both 38), Mr K Godayou junior 20, Miss Godayou 18, Miss L Godayou 13, Master Godayou 12, Master J Godayou 10, Master T Godayou 8 sailing from Sydney to Melbourne

1894 May – “Mr. Harry Rickards has engaged Godayou’s Tokio Troupe for the new entertainment to be presented at the Tivoli Theatre both this afternoon and in the evening. The Tokio acrobatic act will include the smallest lady juggler in the world (little Kame Godayou) Little Sake on blocks and boxes, Mr Kitchie the foot equilibrist in a Japanese screen act, Miss Minnie Godayou in a graceful butterfly act, and Messrs Godayou and Matz in their pole bearing act”

1895 February – Godayou troupe at the Tivoli, Sydney.

1895 daughter Minnie marries Hajime Furusawa in Australia

1896 grand daughter Yoshino born to Minnie and Hajime

1896 January – Godayou troupe in Adelaide.

1897 January – Godayou Troupe at Theatre Royal Adelaide

1898 January – Godayou Troupe in Sydney with Fitzgerald Brothers’ Circus

1898 grand daughter Suma born to Minnie and Hajime

1899 February – Godayou troupe in Tasmania

1900 October – Godayou the Japanese balancer. The Godayou Japanese – bamboo aerial balancing. Sydney

1900 December – Godayū dies in St Kilda, Australia

1901 Passage of Immigration Restriction Act marks the beginning of the White Australia Policy as federal government policy.

1905 granddaughter Akis born in Australia to Minnie and Hajime

1911 January – release of a film “Kioday and Godayou” A one minute excerpt can be seen on YouTube here

1916 dies in Australia, aged 73. Buried with Kame Kagami who died in 1968