The Soga Trio/Troupe 1918 – 1924

1918 April – North Shields – Soga Trio Wonderful Japanese acrobats, remarkable hand balancers and tumblers. Most sensational gold ladder foot balance. 1918 December – Soga Japanese Troupe of equilibrists in Dublin – touring Britain through to April 1924

Thomas Jeckyll – Japonism designer and architect

Thomas Jeckyll was born in 1827 in Wymondham, Norfolk, to Maria Ann (Balduck) and George Jeckell, a curate. Although he never visited Japan, he became a leading light in spreading japonisme in Britain through his architecture and metalwork designs. He set up an architectural practice in Queen’s Street Norwich in 1853, between the castle and […]

John Frederick Ringer – Norwich born merchant in Meiji Japan

Frederick Ringer was born in 1838, the third son of John Manship Ringer and Ann (née Smith). John Manship Ringer was a grocer and merchant who was born in 1798 in Blofield, Norfolk of John Ringer and Elizabeth Manship. His younger brother William Smith Ringer was also a grocer, in Wells.  John Manship moved to […]

The Real Japanese

My pandemic project has been to research the Japanese performers who came to Britain in the 19th century. They were the first (as far as we know) Japanese people to “bury their bones” in British soil. I have three aims in writing up my research in podcast and perhaps ultimately book format: To give more […]

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