Mizuhara Gintarō

1875 3rd March – born in Bingo near Sasebo. Father died when still young, he and his mother and younger brother moved to Nagasaki. Mother met step-father Aikio Minosuke, a merchant. Possibly Jintarō in current romanization.

1887 April – Gintarō and Aikio came to Britain. May have worked briefly at Tannaker’s Japanese Village in London, which closed in May 1887 (and was no longer owned by Tannaker) and then at Tannaker’s Japanese Village in Saltaire, Liverpool, Nottingham through to 1888

1889 – Misuhara Gintarro block manipulator with Tannaker’s Great Dragon Troupe, along with Chiyokichi, Torra the Great Feet Balancer, according to Music Hall and Theatre Review, 27 July 1889 p 5

1889 – 1890 – appears in the Waterloo Panorama in London “Prince Gintarro”

1890 December – Gintorasson wonderful Japanese juggler, Waterloo Panorama

1891 April census – Gintarro Ikio aged 18, performer, Minoski Ikio, 31, merchant – boarders in Lavender Hill, Battersea, London

1891 December – at Royal Aquarium – Japanese juggler and top spinner, sole agent Mr August Pereno, 142 Dawes Road, Fulham

1892 December – Gintarro Real Japanese Marvellous Top Spinner and Chiyokichi, Real Japanese Sword Walker, Rope Walker

1893 Cintarris Japanese Top Spinner in Gravesend

1893 August – 1895 working with the Bohee Brothers

1897 July – Kagami Sentarō arrives from Japan

1898 Sentarro and Mizuhara, jugglers and equilibrists with the Mitsutas, Great Grimsby

1898 April – Mr T Mitsuta’s combination company, Sentarro juggler, M Gintarro top spinner – Gainsborough

1898 April – Gintarro Japanese top and tub spinner – Bolton

1899 April – advertisement in The Era as Marnichi Brothers, Sentarro and Gintarro, Japanese Jugglers

1899 April – Gingarro and Mizuhara and the Mitsutas in Hartlepool

1900 Maruichi Brothers, court jugglers and top spinners

1901 Sentarō returns to Japan

1901 Gintarō joins Peter Devant’s company on tour, organised by Maskelyne and Cooke. Continued to work with Maskelyne and Devant through to 1907

1906 Gintarō marries Isabella Irvine

1907 performs in Vienna, starts jiu jjtsu demonstrations

1908 Gintarō and Isabella travel to Australia with Maskelyne’s Mysteries

1909 touring New Zealand – Gintarō accused of being a spy

1909 toured South Africa

1910 returned to England

1911 April – census Gintarō (41, music hall artiste juggler) and Isabella living at 74 Pennard Road, Shepherds Bush, London with servant and niece.

1914 Gintarō’s act includes electricity and lighting

1915 trip to South AFrica

1919 applied for naturalization.

1922 Tivoli Theatre Gintarro the famous top spinner and juggler

1922 tour of America with Sir Harry Lauder, to 1926

1928 tour of South Africa

1935 Gintarro at the Savoy, Acton

1937 Isabella dies after a long illness

1939 register – at 2 Library Mansions, born 1875, travelling music hall artiste, with Elizabeth Weir, music hall artiste, incapacitated, 41

1941 Gintarro novelty juggler

1942 stopped using Gintaro and changed to Ziska

1944 Ziska in a review called Stage Door

1948 one of his last recorded performances, at the Lewisham Empire

1952 October 4th – died aged 77 of chronic bronchitis and heart failure at his home. Buried with Isabella in an unmarked grave in Hammersmith New Cemetery, Mortlake.

See Gintarō (1875 – 1952): Juggler and Top Spinner – Peter Brunning, pp 582-594, Britain and Japan, Biographical Portraits Vol VII, Compiled and Edited by Hugh Cortazzi, The Japan Society, Global Oriental 2010