1920 – recession in Japan

1920 – Japanese population in Britain reaches pre WWII peak of 1,638

1921 – Britain indicates it will not renew Anglo-Japanese Alliance, primarily because of opposition of United States and Canada

1921 Crown Prince Hirohito visits Britain

1921 April census:

Tamekichi Satake’s boarding house in St Marylebone with family, 3 servants, 2 cooks.

Toyokichi Kashikura b 1901 living with Lillie Jackson Blanchard, b 1900, Kamyiro Yashida (Kamejiro Yoshida) b 1896, Hira Lichi Fayer (Hirokichi Fujii) b 1900, all in employ of Mr Deguchi. 12 Albert Park, Bristol

Deguchi also registers Kashikura, Yoshida and Fujii as living with him in Blackpool.

Charles Houghwaite, born Middleton, Lancashire in 1904, boarding with Catherine Hirukawa Esa and Isaberia Hirukawa Esa – the Esa Trio, in Daneville Road, Camberwell.

Naojiro Takeda (35, music hall artist equipment) at South Chorlton with wife Rene (music hall artist dance) and daughters Yuri and Lavinia

Seishu Watanabe 53, out of work music hall artist, own account, Tora, wife, music hall artist, Masao, son, 10, Yoshiko, daughter, 8, Susan F, stepdaughter, 23 in Hulme, Manchester.

Kazo Takeno/Ando, music hall artist with Seijiro Emori, Takijiro Kurosawa,

1921 September – Sempill mission arrive in Japan to help Japanese navy with aeronaval forces

1921 Education Act raises school leaving age to 14 in Britain

1922 April – Edward, Prince of Wales arrives in Yokohama

1922 Washington Conference concludes naval treaty between Japan, Britain, USA, France, Italy

1923 Anglo-Japanese alliance officially discontinued

1923 September – Great Kantō Earthquake

1924 Japanese Exclusion Act in USA cutting off Japanese immigration to USA

1925 Universal male suffrage law in Japan

1925 Gold Standard introduced in Britain

1926 Mitsui Bank opens branch in London

1926 Great Strike in Britain

1926 December – Shōwa Era begins (Emperor Hirohito)

1927 Shōwa Financial Crisis brings down government

1929 Wall Street Crash