Ko Ten Ichi Troupe 1904 – 1921

7 four females, three males。Led by Ten Ichi (1852-1912), born Tenichi Shokyokusai Hattori in Japan, started out as a professor in the Japan universities and dabbled in magic.

1904 August – September – Ten Ichi and Ten Kotsu appear at the Alhambra, London

Daily Mirror, 2 August 1904

1911 September – The Seven Ko Ten Ichis, Japanese conjurors, will make their first appearance in England at the Hippodrome, Croydon. The company consist of four ladies and three gentlemen and the special features of the act are the enchanted fountains.

1911 October – London Coliseum. Hagedorn’s Ko Ten Ichi Troupe.

1911 November – Coventry Hippodrome

Appear regularly in Britain until 1921