Kagami Godayū 鏡五太夫

1843-4 born in Tokyo

1867 April – Baldwin & Gilbert obtain passports for 1 year for 14 people – Godayū, Chojirō, Kinjirō, Kosaburō, Kurakichi, (Ogawa)Torakichi senior, Fudekichi, Shintarō, (Hasegawa) Harukichi, (Hasegawa) Kanekichi, Kawaji Marukichi, Kanematsu, (Kondo)Torakichi junior, Moto.

“Yeddo, No. 24; name, Godayon, birthplace Mooshaski; age, 24; stature, short; eyes, large; nose, common; mouth, large; face, Roman.” The passport was for Godayū to accompany Messrs Baldwin, Gilbert & Co to France via the United States of America, as a performer. It was dated the 26th of the third month of Keio 3. [Stockton Independent, 18 June 1867 p 2 Third month of Keio was April.

1867 June – combined Great Dragon Troupe arrive in San Francisco – 24-25 members: Godaijirō (Godayū B&G) and Kawaji Marukichi (B&G), Kikumatsu (Kanematsu from B&G?), Jōshūya Matsunosuke, Torakichi senior (B&G), Torakichi junior (B&G) Kosaburō (B&G), Kinzō and Gorō (1 person, Kinjirō B&G?), , Isokichi (L&S), Oshin, Kanekichi, Chojirō (B&G), Shintarō (B&G), Kurakichi (B&G), Kanekichi (B&G), Harukichi (B&G), Fudekichi (B&G), Bomji gore, Masakichi, Mitarō (L&S), Kars kee, Omotu (Tomo or Moto, L&S and B&G?), Ohatsu (L&S), Shingoro, Shinada Saboro, Ohta Gensaboro.

1867 June – Godai je ro – ball aerostationist in American press

1869 May – Great Dragon Troupe (mostly Baldwin & Gilbert group) in Portsmouth, then Brighton Concert Hall, Crystal Palace, London – Godai (Godayū), Oide, Omotu(o), Ki-kou(n)-matsikee (Kikumatsu), Tora/Torra (Torakichi), Yarra/Tassa (Yasokichi), Professor Tjoze (Chojirō), Little Tommy, Haro-san (Harukichi)

1869 December – Great Dragon Troupe in Dublin – Godai “Japanese juggler and curious juggling feats.”

The Great Dragon Troupe in the late 1860s? Godayū may be standing, second from right. Writing says: Hasegawa Harukichi, Hasegawa Kanekichi, Kagami Godayū, Hotaka Kinjiro, Kondo Yasokichi, Kondo Fudekichi, Ogawa Mankichi, Ogawa Torakichi, Omoto, Oiye, Hotaka Joji? Director (Pernille Rudlin’s private collection)
Great Dragon Troupe in Perth, Scotland, November 1870, Dr Robert H Sayers Collection. Godayū may be standing second from right.

1871 April – Kagami Godayou aged 27 – staying in a Luton boarding house with Kondo Yassokitchi aged 18, Kondo Torrokitchi aged 13, Kondo Fudekichi aged 35, Hasegawa Harukichi aged 38, Hasegawa Tomikichi aged 11, Kagami Katsugoro aged 45, Ogawa Torakichi aged 18, Frederick Blekman and Omoto.

1871 December – birth of son

1872 April – Bradford – Godia

1872 May – 12 performers including Tommy the Wolf, Otakesan, Harrosan, Otorranese/Ottorasan, Torrakitchie, Otanny, Yasso, Godia/Godaiou, Tommysan, Bungrosan, Fuideson.

1872 October – Bath – Godia

1873 February – Godayū and Omoto’s son Little Godie dies in Sunderland.

Great Dragon Troupe, after it merged with Tannaker’s troupe, taken by William Vick of Ipswich. The woman in the middle is probably Omoto rather than Otake. Possibly Godayū, Kondo Torakichi, Ogawa Torakichi, Bunjirō/Bungaro, Kondō Yasokichi, Fudekichi and Harukichi? Taken in May 1873? Godayū may be standing second from right, leaning towards Omoto. From the Dr Robert H Sayers Collection.

1873 August – Tannaker’s Japanese troupe in Jersey, with Godison juggling and butterfly fanning and Miss Omotosan wire walking

1873 October – Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe in Hastings, with Godaion

1873 December – Tannaker’s Japanese troupe in Bradford, with Godia/Godaiou

1874 January 10 – birth of daughter Minnie in Manchester. Tannaker Buhicrosan original Japanese troupe in Manchester – including Godison.

1874 February – with Tannaker’s Little All Right and Tommy the Wolf Japanese Troupe as Godia in Lancaster

1874 March – with Tannaker’s Japanese Troupe in Llanelli as Godia

1874 October – with Tannaker’s Little All Right and Tommy the Wolf Japanese Troupe as Godia in Leicester

1878 September – second daughter Ohana Godayou born and baptized in Denmark, adopted by a Danish family a year or so later

1880 – third daughter Take born in Denmark

1880 Godayon’s Japs with Rosinsky’s agency in Paris

1890 Advertisement in The Era for Godayou’s Japanese Troupe currently in Paris – 4 artists, ladder and perch, top spinning, juggling, feet equilibrists

1882 – fourth daughter Kame born in Italy

1891 left for Cape Town

1891 November Mr & Mrs Godayon and 2 Misses Godayon arrive in Australia on the RMS Coptic

1891 December – Godayou’s Tokio troupe perform at the Gaiety Theatre in Melbourne, Tommi Kitti, Little Matz, Little Take Godayou, Little Kame and Miss Minnie Godayou.

1892 May/June Godayou Japanese Troupe Sydney

1892 July Godayou troupe perform with Miss Kagami Mine, Miss Sasaki, Miss Okami, Mr Take, Mr Kawai Tommykich, Mr Kagimi Godayou, Sydney Royal Aquarium Theatre

1893 February – Godayon Troupe of Japanese at Wirth’s Circus in Sydney, Australia

1894 – with Harry Rickards New Tivoli Minstrels Sydney

1895 – with Percy St John’s Burlesque and Pantomime Company Ballarat

1895 April – daughter Minnie aged 22 marries Hajime Furusawa, chancellor at the Japanee consulate in Australia

1896 – granddaughter Yoshino born to Minnie and Hajime

1897 ship to Adelaide Mr & Mrs Godayou and 2 children 1 male 1 female

1897-1900 with FitzGeralds circus

1898 – granddaughter Suma born to Minnie and Hajime

1900 December 1 – Godayou Kagami dies in Melbourne, Australia aged 57.

FOUND DYING IN THE STREET. At 8.30 p.m. on Saturday a Japanese was found lying in Blessington Street, St. Kilda, and when questioned as to whether he was ill, he: replied, “Yes, yes.” A few minutes later he expired. Constable Johnston took the body to the Morgue, and it was ascertained that deceased was named Godayou Kazama, who had lived at 25 Herbert- street, St. Kilda. He was about 59 years old and has been under treatment at the Melbourne Hospital for partial paralysis. Death was due to Bright’s Disease (nephritis) and pleurisy.

1916 – Omoto dies at Armadale